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Two words; Many thoughts.

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This has been a thoughtful probe into the inner workings of your host’s mind. No, I have not been the victim of alien technology, nor a surgeon, but have been tagged, by the lovely CuriousC of Idea Jump. 🙂 She instructs me to complete each two word phrase below, and create a new sentence about myself. It was self-indulgent, fun, and more challenging than I thought it would be. As she did, and as did her tagger, I’ve left the blank meme at the end for you to fill out, if you care to. Thank you, C, for tagging me, and thanks to those of you who read this!

I am:  enormously blessed.
I think:  way, entirely, too much. But I so love to!
I know:  I can’t know things. But I suspect that reality unfolds as we imagine it.
I have:  an amazing life, filled with beauty, people, color, and music.
I wish:  it would be a tad easier for me to let go of wishing for things.
I hate:  No. I don’t.
I miss:  my parents, my Aunt Mags, and, sometimes, the ocean.
I fear:  I’m wrong about some of my most cherished beliefs.
I hear:  birds, the wind, the sound of my keyboard clicking, and my busy, noisy, thoughts!
I smell:  right at the moment; Lavender essence, which I keep on my desk since I’ve discovered how nice it is.
I crave:  OK, honestly? Pizza and potato chips, but I’m working on it! 🙂

I search:  for enlightenment. Which, as long as it’s searched for, will not be found.
I wonder:  if we will ever really understand how the Universe works.
I regret:  some of my past actions, in spite of the fact I did the best I knew how at the time, as we generally do.
I love:  much of what I see around me, and hear, and feel…
I ache:  occasionally.
I am not:  my body, my breath, my soul, my personality…shall I go on?
I believe:  in everything, and nothing—and no, I’m not just being flip! 🙂

I dance:  in gratitude.
I sing:  nearly all the time—inwardly, when outwardly is not appropriate.
I cry:  when reading moving blog posts, and at animal videos, apparently. 😉

I fight:  hardly at all, anymore.
I win:  just by being.
I lose:  my composure, upon occasion.
I never:  (hardly ever), say “never” 😉

I always:  refrain from saying “always”. 😉

I confuse:  my thoughts for beliefs, and my beliefs for truth (at times.)
I listen:  to you, to the most wonderful music, and to the underlying pulse of life.
I can usually be found:  either in front of this beastly machine, singing with a chorus, or on a hike.
I am scared:  when I think I am in control, and it’s not working…
I need:  not really anything. My body needs food, clothing, etc., but I am more than my body.
I am happy about:  friends, beauty, and being of use.
I imagine:  the entire Universe!
I tag:  those of you that wish to share yourselves in this way. While I enjoy being tagged, not everyone does; so I’ll just say that there are some of you who come to visit here regularly (which I appreciate!!!) that I’d like to know these things about. If that description fits YOU, consider yourself tagged! 🙂

and here’s this list for you to cut and paste! 🙂

I am:
I think:
I know:
I have:
I wish:
I hate:
I miss:
I fear:
I hear:
I smell:
I crave:
I search:
I wonder:
I regret:
I love:
I ache:
I am not:
I believe:
I dance:
I sing:
I cry:
I fight:
I win:
I lose:
I never:
I always:
I confuse:
I listen:
I can usually be found:
I am scared:
I need:
I am happy about:
I imagine:
I tag:

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