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Tea and Brilliance

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I’d like to take a little break, and share a little tea, and celebrate an award I just received. I was lucky enough to receive the “Brillante Weblog Premio” Award. This is intended to be sent to blogs the sender thinks are “brilliant”, so of course, I’m flattered. And I’m doubly flattered. First, I received a link from sulz, who also awarded B0bbyG, who then proceded to award me as well! Thanks, both of you brilliant ones! 😉

Here it is, a little bigger; isn’t it pretty?

So, the rules are that I must keep the brilliance flowing, and award this to eight more bloggers. B0bbyG and sulz included some I also would have chosen, but I am blessed with knowing more brilliant and wonderful bloggers:

From Scratch (ellaella)

Idea Jump (Curious C)

JoanHarvest (whatever I think)

kaylee (a teenage blogger’s perspective)

seeing is a verb (the being of seeing)

Shane (out taking a ride)

teeveebee (do you see what I see?)

thebeadden (beads and action)

And while we’re admiring our awards, how about a cup of tea? I stole this from saw this quiz at raincoaster’s. Rain is certainly a brilliant blogger by any standard, but she only gets to be mentioned once.

You Are Green Tea
You are a well balanced person. You don’t have many highs or lows in your life.
You enjoy bursts of creative energy and productivity. But you also enjoy your downtime.You are insightful and philosophical. You don’t take much personally.
You are at peace with who you are. You don’t have an inflated sense of self.

What kind of tea are you?

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