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Coffee and Pie

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I received a very nice award from excellent ella of “From Scratch” fame. She’s sent me this:

A strong cup of coffee

I will admit to partaking of this brew several times a week, so it’s very much appreciated. Thanks ellaella! There’s nothing better with a (strong) cup of coffee than a nice refreshing piece of pie, so of course I went to get a link to ella’s blueberry pie post, and found this recipe for blueberry lemon biscuits on the front page. They looked so yummy I wanted to chew on my monitor. 😉 She said that these would be the easiest biscuits I would ever make! I like that word “easy”. We’re not quite at the time of year when I’m willing to turn on the oven yet; it’s still too hot, but soon, ella, very soon!

However, after distracting me in that manner, her blog did disclose her amazing and wonderful blueberry pie—I knew it was there—which she doesn’t say is easy, but she does say, foolproof! That means I could make it!

So, with pie and coffee firmly in hand (or at least in blog), memories of a song my parents were fond of (as were their parents) began to surface. This is a depression-era song, written by Irving Berlin, and called Let’s Have Another Cup of Coffee (and Let’s Have Another Piece of Pie). I think people who didn’t live through the depression sometimes think everyone was, well, depressed during that time. This exuberant song disproves that, and makes the point that joy can always be found, even in simple things like coffee (or beverage of your choice) and pie. This song also contains the famous phrase “Let a smile be your umbrella.” Indeed.

I chose this recording of the song because the joy and fun comes through loud and clear. It evokes the era with it’s focus on the 78rpm record those of the times would have had. It’s a great recording, scratches and all!

There are also all kinds of pie metaphors: pie charts; “easy as pie” One actually called The Pie Metaphor, and this, which suggests that while I may be enjoying my blueberry pie, you may have your very own cherry pie; enough variety for everyone!

Enjoy! In every sense (Enjoy means to embody joy! Sounds good to me.) Thank you ellaella for leading me down this road. Yum.

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