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Overcoming Mental Paralysis

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I’m trying out a stream-of-consciousness kind of thing I have stolen from Curious C, as I’ve just not been in the mood to write, lately! I had a great time at the Mars lecture at the University last night, but that will have to wait for another sciency post, as I’m waiting for a specific thing to happen on Mars I want to include, and then I will stop talking about the red planet, at least for now.

I am doing fun things, and interesting things, such as going to the Greek Festival, snooping into an archaeological dig, traveling to the largest observatory in the northern hemisphere, and checking out the new projects and lectures at Biosphere II. Except for the Greek Festival (actually maybe even with that!), this probably sounds kind of boring to some of you, but it’s all stuff I really enjoy.

I think this economy thing the US is pouring its woebegone energy into is giving me some melancholy moments. It’s very hard to stay centered when people around one are vibrating with fear. I think it’s CRUCIAL though, otherwise mental paralysis can set in and it’s like living life in a fog, or slogging through syrup. One can always (!) find something to be grateful for, and the moment one does, ones mood is uplifted, and one can then contribute to the upliftment (if you will) of others.

Two of the organizations I work for are also in a bit of a chaotic state. Again, I feel my role is to look for the good; sometimes they spend so much time focusing on what needs aren’t being met, or how unpleasant people are being, that they forget why they are there in the first place.

OK, NOW, I must complain about my own whining, in the above!! Grrrrr. It’s quite tedious when I exhibit the very behavior I accuse others of. As I will do, I must ask myself what it is in all these things that has me not my usual chipper self? That elusive thing is keeping me from blogging as much as I would like—because I really do like it—but looking at the computer screen every day is currently not comforting.

Hmmm, the best thing to do in these circumstances is to re-write the news as I wish it to be. Here goes:

The Federal Government of the United States has discovered nineteen hundred and thirty billion dollars that somehow got stuck behind a sofa cushion at the White House. A gleeful soon-to-be former President said “Let’s give everyone in the world a few million each to pay off everything, and they can play with the rest!”

Soldiers everywhere suddenly forgot what the POINT is of all this shooting and bombing and stuff, and decided to melt down all their weapons and turn them into fountains and sculptures. They all had a nice line dance together before going home to their families.

All the people in the whole world have realized today that just because each of them, as an individual, believes something doesn’t mean that everyone else has to. People are stunned by how rewarding and entertaining diversity really is!

It was discovered that feeling good and having fun is possible, so it’s replaced all that other stuff we were doing.

For the first time in history there is enough grant money to support all the really good art! and music! and dance! and cuisine!

The Wordly News today reported that everyone is healthier than they’ve ever been. Also everyone is in love, and has fulfilling work.

Well, I could go on and on, of course. But for now, I’m feeling much better reading my own headlines than those other alternatives. Good day, all! 🙂

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