Time for some Shift

Posted on October 18, 2008. Filed under: Culture, HowTo, Philosophy, Science |

This is a follow-up post to the one I wrote for Blog Action Day on October 15. I was grateful for the opportunity to explore planetary resources from some different perspectives. Recently, I became aware of a film being made that explores the issues in many of the ways I enjoy. The film profiles a series of what it calls Global Activists who are on the forefront of an exciting movement to change the way we think about global issues. Leaders from all over the world appear, including one or two I have met, and many I’ve never heard of. There is strong support from youth leaders, as well as those of the more “seasoned” variety. If you watch the trailer below, you will see some familiar faces. I’ve signed up to support this project, and wanted to share its vision. I hope you will enjoy the trailer; about 6 minutes long.

The film’s website is here: http://theshiftmovie.com/


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15 Responses to “Time for some Shift”

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awesome! i will get the word out and put on my blog as well!

I am torn about this for a few different reasons. Just watching that movie is inspiring. It is the people that can make the change! We really can make a difference by sharing and talking, start small (family, friends) and the to other people in our lives. You never know what one ripple will become a wave. You never know if it is just that one person you talked to will start something big because of it. We can do without many things in life. We can.

The only problem I have is that when we start donating aid and money, it doesn’t always go to helping the people it is meant for. Believe me when I say that a lot of money goes to the wrong hands. I work around people from many different countries and some of them tell me about the scams, some of them have opened businesses here with that money. And I have been told how I can get in on it too. I just about choked try to keep my mouth shut but inside I was seething.

Another reason is that there are people out there just dying for a one world government. I wish with all my heart that it could happen and be a good thing. Small movements are started, and everyone on the lower level thinks they are doing this for all the right reasons. In truth many of these efforts are only stepping stones to pave the way for people to give in to the bigger plan.

And the ones running the show don’t have the goodness in their heart that all these people have. All that has to happen is one of them getting to be the one running the show. We elect people who don’t know anything put power, corruption and greed.

I cannot put my trust in that. Because any global structure I have ever researched, has always been corrupt at the top. Not the little guys doing the work, and the ones who put their heart into it. They dole out money and contracts but never do a follow up. They blackmail, they use, they bribe. They make sure people keep their mouth shut.

All that has happened in the market recently is not something that has just happened. It has been a plan in the making. Nothing ‘just happens’ anymore. it is an insult for these leaders to tell us that they didn’t see it coming.

I know most people have the best intentions. It is these people who can make this world a better place. If we all helped each other out. If we see someone who is in need and as a community we rally together, we would realize that we do not need one world government.

If you think about it, it is this global red tape and government that prevent many changes. Instead of these NGO’s that half the time never accomplish what they say they do, why couldn’t a bunch of us hop on a plane and get the job done. Because there is too much red tape. We wouldn’t be allowed as an everyday person to go build someone a house or drill a well. Even to bring aid. There are everyday people who would like to do that and would do it on their own dime.

Every time we let the powers that be run the show, that is what it ends up being…a show.

So, while I agree with this and wish I could believe the outcome would work. I just don’t have enough faith in the ones that get to run the show. We can all think global, and continue to spread awareness and help. But when it comes to the real deal, the ink on the paper, that’s where I draw the line. Sorry, Muse. 😦

That video is very inspiring – I particularly liked Derrick Ashong’s comments – but the statistics at the start are even worse than I thought. “Richest 1% equals one third of US wealth” doesn’t seem right at all, and I don’t expect the UK is any better (I suspect we’re probably worse). And 100,000 species extinct per year is mind boggling! Defintely food for thought.

very inspiring read my blog πŸ™‚

Muse: I’ll be sure to check it out! Thanks much for the link! And may the force be with you.

Bead: Wow. Lengthy, lengthy comment. In fact, it was so riddled with excellence and such that I will probably post something on T59SM in response to it (sorry for blatantly advertising my blog but that is where I’m really going to respond to Bead’s comment; it will take far too long to conjure up a response here).

One thing, though: power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Very inspiring trailer! I can’t wait til the full movie is out! It looks like it will be a very good film and will show us that change is possible and needed worldwide!

Thanks, seeing, I saw it there! πŸ™‚ I enjoyed this film a lot, and look forward to the whole thing being made.

Hi, bead, this is quite an impassioned comment and deserves a good, thoughtful answer. I’m not sure I have all that in me, but I do (really!) appreciate your perspective. I’ll start by wondering what you’re sorry for, at the end? If it’s for not wanting to support this project, I have no issue with that! The only reason I write on this blog is to increase my joy quotient. When I find something like the film which speaks to me, I’ll sometimes post about it, but I don’t expect others to adopt my “cause” nor am I disappointed if they don’t. Most of your comments have to do with who gets the money and how its used. I cannot either agree or disagree, as I haven’t done the research you have, but I would certainly encourage those reading here who have such concerns to check out your information. I actually haven’t given the filmmakers any money as yet; I just signed up with their website to follow their progress. I may donate, though. My guidance in such things is almost always my “gut reaction”, if you will. This is not sensible, but I have a good track record with trusting my intuition, and it serves me well. I’ve also been taught to let go of any attachment to where money goes once I donate it. In that particular philosophy, what matters is not who gets it, but with what spirit it was given. The rest, if I’m clear, resolves itself. Of course I’ll sometimes hear about “bad” charities, and such, and I will examine what information I see or feel drawn to pursuing. Sooo—about this film—I just like it, and it’s approach. It makes me feel better about my world, so therefore I support it. Thanks so much, bead, for sharing this. I particularly enjoy your first paragraph; very eloquently put! πŸ™‚

I agree the statistics can be seen as alarming, B0bby, and I think they are in the film to give us a starting point; some common ground. By the time I got to the end of the trailer, I felt uplifted and inspired, and believed those statistics do not have to define us. Thanks, B0bby.

Thank you kaylee, and I did! Good news over there. πŸ˜€

You’re welcome, leap, and I’ll take all the force/source/energy/whatever-else-good-stuff on offer! I agree, bead’s comment is awesome, and it’s a great idea to continue the discussion over at your blog, as I’m not as politically motivated as you two are. I appreciate your interest. πŸ™‚

Thanks, Shane! I was quite inspired, and I’m having a good time imagining what they might do with it all. Change begins with each of us.

I missed out on the replies here for some reason. Glad I came back to check.

Muse, I did find the clip very inspiring. I didn’t mean to imply that particular organization was not good. I haven’t heard of it before. But the idea of it brings hope for change, and that is always a good thing. What I did want to stress was that there really are good things out there that are worth being a part of but seeing how little that was done over the years with money and aid makes people wary of all such groups.

Mind you, if we all did stop helping, that wouldn’t be good for anyone. Taking a chance is what makes the world a better place and you are right, just the message alone, that they are spreading is worth it.

Leap: Holy crap! Coming from you, I almost fainted…. πŸ™‚ Thank you.

Hey, bead! πŸ˜€ That was quite a comment, there, by leapsecond, hunh? I get what you’re saying, and I do believe that you find this org. inspiriing. I generally don’t research these orgs. as much as you do; I admire that you do that. In the end, I agree that part of what makes us human, and worthwhile, is reaching out in those ways we feel are right. Thanks for being you, BD!

Wow. That is one powerful video. Thank you for posting it.

You are welcome, ella. It’s quite a project, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

A vision of a great leader
Hope of nations
Adament persuit by courageous men
A heart-felt dream by mothers
Freedom and life of children
A revolution for mankind
Redefining the measure of all Humanity

We are the generation of greater good
Initiators of a pure blessed evolution
Pioneers of Great Change

Soldiers with just their good hearts as their uniform
March on fearless and united
For a great course of Change
The movement continues…

Hey Muse! The video inspired this piece so i had to write it quick before I lost it, nothing major just a quick poem, I hope you don’t mind πŸ˜‰

Great video indeed, and one of the featured leaders there is our own South African Arch Bishop Tutu, he’s an extraordinary man.

Well I think it’s about time that we work together to make a difference because mankind has just abused and destroyed Mother Nature and life throughout history. So we need to correct our actions because they have proved many times before that they only make matters worse. Imagine a world where there’s no poverty, war, inequality, dictatorship and pollution. Now that’s a beautiful Global dream πŸ˜‰

I loved this post Muse!

Mind! mind! My dear Tazzy, I’m honored and delighted that you’ve graced my blog with your wonderful poem. If you haven’t, I would love to submit it to the film’s website, as it will inspire many. THANK YOU!
I saw Archbishop Tutu in the clip, and I was so excited to see him there. I had the privilege of hearing him speak years ago in San Francisco. He was on a tour of the States. He was so very inspiring, I was just thrilled to have the opportunity to hear him. And he just keeps going, doesn’t he?
Thank you for being a part of that global dream! πŸ™‚

Thank you Muse!

Yes, by all means, you can submit it to the film’s website.

I also find Archbishop Tutu’s ongoing strive for change very inspiring. He and Nelson Mandela are the most wonderful giant icons that just keep on going to bring change to peoples lives regardless of their age. They just don’t rest, I admire that deeply.

Two men who have found their purpose in life and journing in that path with great commitment.

[…] bead’s argument point for point, doing the best I can (you can read the full comment/post here!). The first part: The only problem I have is that when we start donating aid and money, it […]

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