Over the Weather

Posted on October 22, 2008. Filed under: Health, Musings, Philosophy |

I’ve been feeling a bit “under the weather”, as the term goes, lately. Nothing serious going on here, but a generalized set of symptoms that have caused me to examine their cause. What, exactly do we mean when we use the phrase “under the weather”, anyway? We may have sniffles, but not a full-blown (pardon the pun) cold. Or a few sneezes, but not quite an “allergy attack”. Maybe we’re more tired than usual, or a bit head-achy and cranky.

Naturally, I had to look up the origin of the term, and found it’s probably a British nautical phrase, used when sailors became ill. They were confined below deck, therefore “under the weather“. (Depending upon the ship, and the conditions, this may or may not have helped!)

One can also be “above the weather“, an informal aeronautical term for flying higher than the clouds. I’ve been in a plane above the clouds and it is wonderful and magical—certainly nicer than being “under the weather”.

I am one who believes that physical un-well-being is always connected to ones emotional state, and I realize that lately I’ve allowed many of my emotions to be guided by numbers. I am, in most cases, a big fan of numbers. Mathematics, while not my best subject πŸ˜‰ is of endless fascination to me. Equations can be keys that open up worlds of conscious exploration. However, the numbers I’m talking about now are these:

Financial Market Numbers, specifically The Dow Jones Industrial Average, but also worldwide markets. These are broadcast half-hourly on the radio, these days, and minute-by-minute online and on television.

US Electoral Map Polling Numbers, such as this frequently updated chart shows.

These two sets of numbers are the subjects of intense focus of millions of people throughout the world. Many of them believe that the quality of their lives are governed, at least partially, by these numbers. It’s very easy for me to get caught up in the drama of all the numbers, as even on days when I don’t intentionally tune into the media, they are in front of my face when I log into my beloved WordPress to check my blog!

In these times, I have to remind myself that the numbers aren’t real—they are made up! They are OPN (Other People’s Numbers) and I can choose to adopt them, or leave them alone. As I’m rather a sensitive individual, I can feel when those around me are angry or panic-stricken, so it’s crucial, in my opinion, to meditate longer, exercise more, take my supplements and maintain my immune system, and do any of the other things I choose to believe are helpful. After all, I am of no use to people when commiserating with them. That brings the energy down for both of us.

I know some are excited about the prospect of their presidential candidate winning an important election in less than two weeks. With International and National issues looming large, should one choose to allow them to, many are working and writing and campaigning on behalf of potential national and local leaders. This can be a wonderful thing, if one is following ones passion in a positive way. It is way too easy, though, (and I confess I’ve occasionally gotten caught up in this myself) to then find fault with the candidates and/or issues one does not choose. I do almost always vote in elections, not because it’s my civic duty, or because it’s a right or responsibility, but because it feels worthwhile to contribute to the well-being of my town, state, and country (and keeping in mind the impact on the rest of the world) in that way.

I would not, however, vote for a candidate I felt was “the lesser of two evils”. Many vote that way; feel they must vote for someone. Beside the fact that I don’t believe anyone is evil to start with—but that’s another discussion—if I really believed there was no clear and joyful choice I would not “settle”; instead I’d examine the current universe I find myself in, and see what other direction to follow.

Aside from all that, however, I have realized that the numbers I’ve been watching, and which, I feel, I allow to drain my energy, won’t change either a) who I plan to vote for on November 4th, or b) how I invest and or spend what money I have. I’m confident and comfortable with the decisions I’d made before those Numbers were so prominent in the American news. There is no reason to focus on increasing anything other than joy. For those who enjoy politics, I wish you all the best! As for myself, I think I’ll attempt to stay “Over the Weather” until I’m able to observe, and take joy in, the news, while keeping my equilibrium. I wish you joy and peace.

PS: Congratulations to the nation of India and my Indian friends on the launch of your first space mission to the moon! I’ll be following this mapping mission with great interest. πŸ™‚

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14 Responses to “Over the Weather”

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Let us hope all of us stay “over the weather” and yeah it is lovely when you fly above the clouds!
Regarding the numbers, I started watching and keeping track…I am not voting there, neither do I have money invested in the markets, but was watching. Well, can’t miss as you write with the news full of it.
It felt good to see the Chandrayaan launch πŸ˜€

thank you for the english lesson of the day, teacher muse! πŸ˜› as for being above the weather, the clouds are indeed magical and breathtaking (when they don’t resemble weird things), but i don’t enjoy them very much because of the altitude. i wear contact lenses and had a headache all the way through my flight. 😦

I’ve been watching all the numbers as well. The stock numbers, not good, and the idea of another simulus package to “help”, I dunno. I’ve taken the guaranteed interest path for right now for most of my savings, but do have a little bit in the markets. With that said, since the landslide, I’ve yet to log in and check my balance πŸ˜• lol It’s almost like not logging in and checking makes it seem like it’s not happened and is less painful I guess. Hope you get to feeling better!

At the very least, one can say these are interesting times we live in. It’s easy for me to get all worked up about all the uncertainty we hear or read about in the news. Sometimes I think our friend, the ostrich, has the right idea. “Burying my head in the sand” does seem a good option at times. Sometimes it’s best to simply make a cup of tea, curl up on the couch and read a good book (or blog!).

I do believe one should more or less keep up with the issues, but there must be a limit. Life has to be lived, and being fearful over things I have little or no control over only serves to paralyze me.

Thanks for sharing the origins of those expressions. One frequently uses them but never stops to think how they were originated.

Mathematics, while not my best subject πŸ˜‰ is of endless fascination to me.

Nice! Math was one of me favorite subjects too. It’s fascinating indeed.

I hope you’re feel better by the time you read this.

I adore you and how you think. JOY JOY to you no matter what the number is.

Hey, I never realised where the expression “under the weather” came from. I guess now I know. Thank you for sharing that with us!

Are the elections really so soon?

I’m afraid I ceased paying attention to the US elections some time ago. I just found fussing about the subject so draining that I don’t think it’s worth worrying about. Of course, if I were American it would probably be a different story.

I hope you feel better soon!

Yes, Apar, the news is fairly “in your face”, isn’t it? Thanks, I am feeling good now, although it still takes some work to stay centered. I will be glad when the US election is over—I can feel the whole world watching! πŸ˜‰ I can’t wait to see the moon maps! I’m so excited! Thanks.

You’re very welcome, sulz. I do like to dig deeper. So, the altitude gave you a headache? I don’t fly very often so I don’t remember, but they surely do look pretty.

You cracked me up, Shane! I don’t look at my statements, either. I don’t have lots invested, but, fortunately, what I do have in volatile products can sit and wait until things get better. Sounds like you have a prudent plan for these times. Thank you, I am feeling quite well, I just think the world is a little weird at the moment. πŸ™‚

Hahaha, teeveebee: our friend the ostrich! Indeed, I’d forgotten how friendly that sensible-seeming bird can be. I agree, one wants to know what I call “the majors”. I like to get my news in those 5-minute “top-of-the-hour” radio segments. If there’s something really important going on they’ll tell me, and I can then tune in to other media should I choose to do so. Amen to that good book and a cup of tea! There is such goodness to remember, and that helps. Thanks!

You’re welcome, Juan. I would expect mathematics to figure into your intellectual composition somewhere, given the work you do, but it’s nice to know you also like it! And yes, I’m feeling much better, thank you. I feel a new blog post coming on… πŸ™‚

And how lovely it is to be adored, C.! You have my permission to continue doing so as long as you like! πŸ˜€ Thank you for typing “JOY” twice, it’s a good reminder of where to focus. (You are pretty adorable yourself, quite actually.) πŸ˜‰

You’re welcome, B0bby. I sometimes wonder if my micro-managing the English language is a bit much, but I’m glad you liked the information! Yes, as I write this, the US elections are eleven long days away. Soon, thank goodness. I don’t blame you at all for not choosing to tune in. What can you really do about it anyhow? I know the UK has a great interest in their friends and the government over here, but I agree, “draining” is the right word. Thank you very much! I feel quite well now, and happy to be in this wonderful and wacky world. πŸ™‚

I want you to feel better!!!!! πŸ™‚

The Dow has to hit 8000, that will mean the bottom has come and the world of stocks and bonds will have flushed out all the artificial inflation that was built into it. The going will get much better from there on in – assuming that the financial market is regulated correctly.

I have been doing the numbers and more numbers on the electoral map, I keep coming to the same figure with Obama taking the White House with a 369 vote. I know, I know that I can be well off the mark – maybe it is a matter wishful thinking on my part. I do also know that McCain can still win – PLEASE VOTE, and don’t be complacent in believing the polls, there is only one that counts.

πŸ˜€ Hope yaz feelz betterz! πŸ˜€

Numbers! ughhhh…I wish I had paid better attention in scholl because numbers get the best of me every time! I’m in awe of people who go on about them as it goes flying over my head.

Oh, Muse when you said this:
“I am of no use to people when commiserating with them. That brings the energy down for both of us.” Good one. I’m very opinionated but realize that not everyone feels the same way I do and that was a little wake up call. I want to remember that quote. πŸ™‚

And the you top it off with this:
“I would not, however, vote for a candidate I felt was β€œthe lesser of two evils”. Many vote that way; feel they must vote for someone. Beside the fact that I don’t believe anyone is evil to start withβ€”but that’s another discussionβ€”if I really believed there was no clear and joyful choice I would not β€œsettle”; instead I’d examine the current universe I find myself in, and see what other direction to follow.” Another beauty! You get me thinking about the ‘way’ I think. That there can be other options or directions, just because they or different or may take time, they could ultimately be the change we need.

This is also the first time I have heard about the space mission to the moon! Now that is exciting. I cannot wait to see this! Thanks for sharing.

Stay above the clouds, Muse. πŸ™‚

Well, you get your wish then, kaylee, because I do feel quite well now. YOU, on the other hand, had better take care, OK? πŸ™‚

It’s close, Will, it’s close. Interesting theory you have. I agree with you, I think times are bound to get better! And I shall vote; ya don’t have ta tell me twice! πŸ™‚ I am feeling better, thank you, and here’s to that fickle economy doing so as well!

Thank you, BD!!! Hey, nuttin’ wrong with being opinionated, in my opinion (haha). I just *try* to keep the perspective of what will feel better: commiseration, or finding something to feel uplifted about?!? You honor me with your compliments; I really appreciate them. I know, there was hardly anything published in North America about the Indian Moon Mission, and it’s just too wonderful to be ignored!!! I’m glad you enjoyed knowing about it. Aww, thanks for your wishes. I’m imagining soaring, now. πŸ˜€

Well, now that you’re feeling well I hope you remain over the weather — what a wonderful phrase. I’ve never known where “under the weather” originated, so now I have a new bit of trivia to stump my friends, who are probably sick of my love of trivia but expect it anyway. πŸ™‚

Numbers, blerg.

Not a numbers fan, then, ella? πŸ˜‰ It’s a bit of a quirky pasttime for some. I am very much “over the weather”, thank you, and I’m glad you like the phrase! I’m always poking around in the wonderful world of the English language, and I empathize; my friends tend to suddenly remember appointments when I say “You know what I just read…?” πŸ™‚

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