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I’ve just had a realization, and thought to share it. I’ve been feeling a “loss of blogging incentive” recently, and I’ve noticed quite a few other bloggers I read are either a) posting less; or b) posting more depressingly. The economic malaise and uncertainty has affected me somewhat—I’m still living my same lifestyle, but I’m more aware of where and how I’m spending money, and several of my income sources have either lessened, or suspended operations. (Still, I have a couple new sources coming along, too.) So, some of this reaction may be to change. With all of that, I’ve felt both more pressure to “get things done” (whatever that means), and a sort of mental stagnation which makes it more challenging to “get things done”.

The blogging part of this paradox is that I’ve been putting off writing blog posts until I “get things done”! And, the realization I had was that lack of blog posting is contributing to my lackadaisical attitude. I feel bleh; blah; bloohey, but believe I have to “get things done” before I can set aside the part of my day and mental and emotional space I generally devote to blogging.

Now, of course, since my Great Realization, I understand I must blog first, “get things done” next. I feel so much better already just typing along here. My impending paperwork is within my view, but it can stay safely there without compelling me to stop writing in its favor. After all, I haven’t completed it in the last three days; I tend to look at it quizzically as if it appeared out of thin air for no worthy reason.

I had avoided exercising for a while, too. Part of the reason for that is I wasn’t feeling particularly well, and didn’t feel like jumping around and stretching and things. Part of it was, though, due to the “blahs”. I was not unhappy or in despair, I wasn’t even indifferent; it just didn’t matter anyway.

If I’m intent upon avoiding change, I may need to look into residence on a different planet. Given that that’s not likely, at least not in the next year or two, I may as well readjust my expectations, attitude, and joy-quotient. This blog MAY be an addiction (there have been studies of such things),

37.5 %

My weblog owns 37.5 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

but all I know is that since I started blogging 1 1/3 years ago, I’ve felt better, both online and off, when I’ve posted several times a week. It seems that increasing my output is good for my wellbeing. These outpourings have become such a part of my life, it would be like giving up dessert (which I only have a few times a week, honest!) if I gave blogging a lower priority than it actually has in my life. And of course, the noble-sounding reason for this is because it’s a good thing to write. It’s not the blogging per se that gives the boost to my satisfaction, but the process and result of writing. The blog is just where I do the majority of my writing. I would really like to do more and other kinds of writing, and, in wondering why I don’t, I discover that writing to an audience—even if I don’t get any comments—is a vastly different experience than more long-term novel, story, or essay kinds of writing. Those last are probably intended for an audience, too, but the delay between writing them, and allowing someone to actually read them is much, much, greater.

Many bloggers are asked (by those not in the know) why they have to publish these “brain droppings” (with thanks to the late great George Carlin) online; why not just keep a journal? My response is that I say things here I’m either not able to say in person, or can’t get people to sit still and listen to in person. This medium gives me a chance to collect my thoughts, and respond in my own time, rather than “on demand” as is often required in personal relationships. I’m kind of a delayed-reaction sort of person; I also prefer to communicate the “details” of friendships by email, rather than by phone, even if the persons involved live close to me. Fortunately, most of my friends are comfortable arranging dinner or theater dates by email. In fact, I find I don’t see the friends who don’t like this way of scheduling as often as I do the ones who do. (Did I just get myself into a grammatical quagmire? Oh, well.) I still DO see people, though! I’m not one of those freaks who spends all their time in a dark room with a computer and a soft drink and no “live” friends!!! (I only have a small amount of fear of becoming such a person presently.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

I won’t say that I will blog more often now (in light of my Great Realization—but I do intend to!) or that my blog posts will be of greater quality (unlike this one; geeeesh!) but I do hereby, publicly, acknowledge the blog’s important place on my joy-compass.

So, in these times of change, I’d like to know what you think. Is blogging good for your health (be it physical or mental)? Can we indulge our blogging needs and benefit each other, even when we’re feeling a bit lost? Whether you are a blogger or not, I wish you well as we all embrace this changing world.

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11 Responses to “Blogaise”

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i got 50 for both quizzes!

blogger’s block is no fun, even when you know why it’s happening. in my case, it happens every now and then – like an illness i must recover from to get my blogging ‘mojo’ back. sometimes, i ‘cure’ it by writing a whiny post about how i don’t have any fresh ideas to blog. annoying for the readers, but it strangely works, as i usually feel excited about blogging again because an idea or two came up. weird, huh?

I got 25% for the first and 36 for the second.Guess I am not that much of a blogger ๐Ÿ˜€
I started blogging as a vent, to pen down what I felt about anything and everything. I think I pretty much do the same. Blogging without obligation to write a post or even expect a comment on mine I suppose works for me. Else, I would tie myself in knots with worry as to why there was none! ๐Ÿ™‚
I love reading your entries in your blog. Keep them going.
Sorry about my depressing posts. Hope I write pep em up posts sometime and soon ๐Ÿ˜‰ I kinda like memes for that reason. I can actually try and be less morose ๐Ÿ™‚

Blogging is good for you!

I haven’t really noticed a lack of blogging incentive lately, at least, not in myself. I have got the impression that the world is generally a depressing place at the moment. The world needs more blogging, just like it needs more fireworks, cheesy pop-punk and sugary candy.

Oh, Muse. First off ((((hugs))))
Geez…what a post. I’ll try to keep it short. ha!

For me, I get depressed by my blog all the time. Especially when I write about what is going on in the world. Then I get into this miserable place and can’t get myself out of it. I get negative and stay that way because I see things that are wrong and should not be happening.
I want to look at the bright side but then I think if people don’t start talking about these things, that it will never change. By saying, ‘I don’t like what I see here’ more people will make a fuss and the people that have the ability to make these changes will have to do something about it. ugh…I do pay for that with my health and well-being and I know it! How can you feel good when you are around negativity?

So, then I start grasping for things to pull me out of it. It’s no wonder I start Christmas decorating the first day of November. It’s my happy pill. Except when I get to where I have to untangle and test lights. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, for me. It’s both good and bad. Probably always will be too. But on the bright side. Look at all the people I have ‘met.’ People like you…and to me that’s a good thing!

Take Care.

This reminds me of an excellent post by zenhabits, Muse. If you don’t already read it already, that is:

Why Discovering Your Obsession May Lead You To Greatness

Zen aside, I think the best way to get rid of your blog-block is to keep a small notebook and a pen in your pocket at all times. Whenever you stumble across something that seems like a blog-worthy topic WRITE IT DOWN THEN AND THERE. That way, when you have no idea what to write, you can whip your notebook out and BAM! Something to blog about.

I think blogging is good for you. It allows us to let out what we might otherwise hold to ourselves, share knowledge, and communicate with people that we most likely would never have the opportunity to do so. And a single post or comment could be enough to make someone’s day, or at least lift their spirits with a smile.

I’ve also had a lack of blogging hit me recently. Every day I want to log in and write up a post, but I’ve just not had too much come to mind to blog about lately. I blame that partly from falling back into my routine after my trip, but I’m sure something interesting or worth blogging about will hit me sooner or later.

As for your blog Muse, I check it daily to see if you’ve posted something. Your posts always have something that is thought provoking or interesting, and I enjoy that ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep them coming!

sulz, you did? So you are half owned by and half addicted to your blog? Does that add up to 100%? Is there anything left of you after that? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Interesting what you say about blogger’s block being like an illness. It gives me a different perspective when I think of “recovering” from it…Hmmm, much food for thought; thank you! I don’t know if whining works for me, but I suppose this post is my equivalent of that, huh? ๐Ÿ™‚

I think being able to vent on a blog is a good thing, Apar. It’s a place for you to express, and people can choose whether to read or not; or comment or not, so everybody wins! Well, your scores mean you aren’t as addicted as some of the rest of us—probably a good thing. ๐Ÿ™‚ I would never say you shouldn’t write depressingly if that is what you are feeling on a given day (although I hope those feelings are few for you!), it just seems to be a trend I’ve noticed…or perhaps we tend to see evidence to support our own feelings? I’ll have to think about that one. Looks like I’ll be doing a lot of thinking. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

Yay, B0bby! I like all the things you feel the world needs more of; thanks for sharing them! A lot of the world is in a depression, so that could translate to it being depressing…we bloggers can show ’em it doesn’t have to be that way, though, right?

Thanks for the hugs, BD, I receive them gladly!!! You are welcome to be as short—or as long—as you like, anytime! ๐Ÿ˜€ Oh, man, your own blog depresses you?!? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I am sorry you get into a miserable space about things. I admire so much your caring and courage. The world would be a very different (better!) place if more were like you. We each have to do things our own way, but what I like to do if I see things which aren’t as I feel they should be, is act, if that feels right: join; contribute; work; canvass; donate; blog; march—whatever it is, and ALSO spend some time picturing the world the way I’d like it, and live that way as much as I can. Cheers to you, beadie! I like how you decorate our world; and not just at holiday time!!!

Hey, leap! Thanks for that reference. I’d seen zenhabits before, but somehow had neglected to bookmark it, so I very much appreciate the reminder! Huh! So, you recommend indulging obsession! OK, I’m on board with that; it’s as if you’ve given me permission! Yee haw! Another reminder you have been kind enough to drop here: I have neglected to carry my small notebook with me lately!!! It used to be my constant companion. A coincidence that I also have run into a blogging block—I don’t think so! Your advice is very much taken to heart, my friend.

I’m glad you think blogging is good for us, Shane. You are so right about the opportunity it brings us to meet people we never would, otherwise. So you’ve been feeling a bit of the “block”, as well? I think we should just persevere; blog what we can, when we can, and support each other. Awww, thanks!!! ๐Ÿ˜ณ you are so kind to say so. I am continuing enjoying getting to know you and reading your posts as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi Muse,

I don’t have the dilemma about blogging…I have realized overtime that I am not addicted to it…I go by inspiration..Right now, I express my creativity more by painting than writng and it is fine…I can go weeks and months without blogging and I don’t miss it…But, there is times when I am more into writing than painting..It does not matter to me which medium I use to create as long as I do it!…

Keep up ur good writings..

Thank you CV, I plan to keep on writing! It’s good you have other creative outlets, too. You are good at so many things!
There are a few other things, I do, too, but, after a while, I miss the connection with others. Take care my colourful friend!

Hi Muse,
I’ve also been experience a loss of blogging incentive. I was thinking that maybe it was connected to all the bad economic news we’ve recently been hearing about. But, then I thought that perhaps if the economy was really that bad, wouldn’t that mean that most bloggers would have more of an excuse to blog? I mean after all, if you can’t go out and spend money, what else is there left to do? ๐Ÿ™‚

I must agree that blogging seems to be good for my well-being, too. It’s a great creative outlet for me and fun, too. I’ve noticed that when I don’t blog, I don’t write much at all. And that is not good for me. I feel a certain measure of accountability to write for my blog. In other words, blogging is a good incentive.

And now, I think I’ll go take the quiz to see if I am a blogaholic. Do they have groups for that?

Hey, tee.
I’ve considered your first paragraph, and I agree with it logically—we should have more time and incentive to blog—but I know, for me, if I’m feeling “blah” it’s hard to translate that into motivation.
And, yes!!! The accountability factor (conversely) has kept me going sometimes when I otherwise feel I just can’t be bothered.
Yes, I’m sure there are groups for that, but they’re probably all online! Haha! Hope you enjoyed the quiz; and hope YOU are feeling better.

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