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The saga of a Pillow

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untitled Alright, I know this isn’t the most profound topic to write about, but, currently, my PILLOW is permeating every aspect of my life! If that sounds a bit dramatic, well, just listen to (or read) my story!

A few weeks ago, some friends returned home from a short trip. Along the way they stayed at a very nice hotel, whose name would be known to you. This couple expressed the opinion that they had just slept upon the most comfortable pillows they had every experienced in their lives! One of them liked the hotel pillows just a bit better than the other, but both were very enthusiastic.

I don’t know if you are like me, but my search for the perfect bed pillow has taken me to the ends of the earth a lot of stores. I’ve tried feather pillows, down pillows, foam pillows, and visco-elastic pillows. I’ve slept on plump pillows, firm pillows, soft pillows and pillows which are supposed to melt around my head!

I’ve never found that elusive item: The Perfect Pillow. There was always something which caused a sore neck, or a numb shoulder, or something.

So, when these good friends of mine, known for their taste as well as for valuing a high level of comfort, recited their pillow talk to me, I began to hope that perhaps, at last…

The friends had gone so far as to ask at the front desk of the hotel where they stayed. The desk clerk whipped out a card with a web address upon it. “You must get a lot of inquiries about your pillows!” they said. “We do, we do!” she enthusiastically replied.

My traveling friends graciously shared the web address with me. It led to a company which supplies pillows and bed linens to the finest hotels around the world. The particular pillow at the particular hotel was highlighted, but I didn’t just jump in and order. I looked at every kind of pillow they offered. I read the descriptions. I viewed the “customer feedback”. I determined, with some trepidation, that these were obviously quality products, still at a reasonable price.

I took a deep breath. I ordered two. They arrived on January 2nd. “New year, new pillows!” I exclaimed.

I surely hope the pillows are not representative of my entire year. Here is what I experienced:

Night #1: The order must be wrong! This pillow can’t possibly be the object of laud and praise my delusional dear friends had mentioned. “Shall I compare thee (you pillow, you) to a summer day?” I can, and here’s how: Had I gathered oak leaves and stuffed them into a pillow case I believe I’d have had a more comfortable rest than this. I was tired. I was cranky. (You don’t want to know me when I’m cranky; trust me on this.) Where was the support? What happened to the object which promised to “cradle me in comfort”? I wanted to be cradled in comfort, dangit!

Night #2: Human vs. Pillow. I’m not going to let this thing get the best of me. Plump; plump; plump. Fluff; fluff; fluff. Punch; punch; punch. Lay down; put head on pillow and wiggle until it feels just right. It felt, actually, kind of OK. Fell into a blissful sleep. Awoke feeling foolish…and puzzled.

Night #3: OK, I know how to handle this so-called PILLOW now. Plump; fluff; etc. Scrunch; wiggle; settle in. I’m not asleep yet! I’m probably thinking about work; I have a big project at the moment. I have to do laundry tomorrow. And vacuum the carpet. What about my poor, neglected blog? “See, I have a lot on my mind.” The next morning I described my flattened-out so-called PILLOW (it has a 5-year warranty, by the way) as feeling like several paper grocery sacks placed gently inside a pillow case. Ow. Uh-oh, cranky again! …I thought I kinda liked the pillow the night before. Am I going nuts? {Note to blog readers: please don’t answer that question. Or, if you do, don’t post your answer here. thankyouverymuch.}

Night #4: I’m really tired. I could probably fall asleep on a rock! In the morning: The pillow was just OK. I’m sort of starting to get over my emotional reaction to this whole pillow thing (except for being cranky, for which I reserve the right). I spent $XX.XX on these…PILLOWS; they MAY be “just OK” once I get used to them, but they do NOT cradle me in comfort, dangit! I’m sending them back.


I finally worked up the nerve to consult the friends who’d recommended the burlap sacks wrapped around old socks pillows. Friendships, you know, are precarious things, and some have faded for less important reasons than pillow incompatibility.

Wife of couple: “I’m sure we got the wrong ones! These aren’t ANYTHING like what we experienced in the hotel!!!” Husband of couple: “The pillow is OK, I guess. I don’t really remember…”

I refrained from asking them how much they’d drunk at dinner the night they stayed at the hoity-toity hotel.

Tonight, I shall lay upon my good-old squishy foam pillow. It’s not ideal, but maybe the next one…

Goodnight from my cranky, sore-necky self. 😀

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