Thinking makes you fat, srsly!

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The mundanity of life is getting to me a bit these days. My last post was about my quest for the perfect pillow. Today finds me dealing with credit card weirdness. Life, in 2009, is somewhat strange so far.

A few weeks ago, I opened up a credit card statement from a card I only use for business expenses. There were five new charges on it, all from restaurants. One from Sizzler’s; two from T.G.I.Friday’s; one from Pizza Hut, and one from Jack in the Box. (Can one even USE credit cards at Jack in the Box?) Not only were these eateries in which I don’t eat, they were in another state, the one to my left, on the coast, where I haven’t been for nearly two years.


Not only were they in another state, but they were in and around San Diego, where I haven’t been since I was four. And, oddly enough, I did not have a credit card yet then.

So, I hippity-hopped over to my telephone to let the CC company know what I’ve just told you. Fine! They can help me! “It looks like there’s been some fraudulent activity on your card,” they said. “Has the said card been out of your custody at any time?”

“No, the card has been in the custody of my wallet.”

“Well, we’ll open up a fraud case; here’s the case number; we’ll issue a new card with a new number right away; please cease using your current card immediately.”

I did. But they didn’t. The incidents occurred over “holiday season” (Don’t get me started on holiday season! In addition to the joys of such, there are also 1) my favorite television programs are suspended during this time [yes, I am THAT shallow], 2) my favorite ACTIVITIES are suspended then as well [Choral rehearsals and Club meetings], and 3) my neighbors put many embarrassing objects in their front gardens. I know it gives them pleasure, and I ought to rejoice with them, and wish them Peace on Earth and such, which I do, really, but still!) so, apparently, the mailing of the new card was delayed.

Alright. I understand all this. After all, I’m a reasonable person, aren’t I? Some of you have known me a while, and you know that…um, wait a minute, never mind. So, I telephoned the nice credit card company “after the holidays”, and let them know I hadn’t received the new card, yet, and, by the way, I did receive a new bill from them now informing me, none too kindly, that the restaurant charges in San Diego were now OVERDUE and subject to LATE FEES. Um, what?

“Well, what about the FRAUD case?” I asked?

“We don’t have any record of a FRAUD case”, they replied. I rattled off the case number, and they (it may only be my paranoia speaking here) acted as if I had just MADE UP a random number in order to irritate them! Honestly! If I’d wanted to irritate them, I’d have found a more creative way than MAKING UP a RANDOM NUMBER!

Back to square one. They read me off an entirely different case number, which I had them repeat three times, and I wrote down in two places. They read off the total that I NOW OWED. So far, we were in agreement.

Fast forward to today. It’s been two weeks, and I have not yet received my new card, which was supposed to take three days. I telephoned the incredibly nice people at the efficient card company and gently let them know the facts as I understood them.

“The card is being mailed today,” they said. “We don’t know what happened to the last one, but we apologize”, they said. “Your new balance, which is due immediately, is $XXX.XX.”

But, that’s a difference of $113.92! I rang off, because this total didn’t ring a bell, and went through three months of statements. Aha! They didn’t include the T.G.I.Friday’s charges in the fraud case; the other ones apparently made it in.


By this time, I had a direct dial button to the amazingly friendly and helpful company. “See, here’s the thing”, I said. “In my case file you have included three restaurant charges, but left out the two for the one other restaurant. Would you please add them to my case?”

“Are you sure you didn’t eat at T.G.I.Friday’s on the dates in question?”

“I haven’t been in California in nearly two years, as I’ve told three incredibly nice people, now, and even if I had been, I would have eaten elsewhere. Not that I have anything particular against T.G.I.Friday’s, actually, but when traveling, I like to experience restaurants I don’t also have at home. But, in any event, no, I have not eaten in that restaurant, in San Diego, ever in my entire life.”

This was probably more story than they were looking for, but when I am trying to make a point, I can often get quite wordy, as you have noticed if you’ve actually read this far.

“No, we cannot add those restaurants to your case, but we can open up a NEW case! Here’s the number…”

So, these are my questions for you: 1) How, do you think, someone got my card number and expiration date, when the card “never left my custody” and I hadn’t even used it for three months? 2) If you had “appropriated” someone else’s credit card, and were going to whoop-it-up upon same, would you use it at Jack in the Box and Pizza Hut? Seriously? and 3) What does this all mean for my mental, emotional, and spiritual equilibrium? My belief is that every experience has a purpose, but this one baffles me.

So, I have this clutter on my credit card statement. I still have some clutter in my office. My blog friend Shane has helped me out with my computer clutter, and blog friend Joan with my home clutter, by scaring the heck out of me telling me that clutter makes me fat!!! I”m not actually, fat, as it happens, but I must be ever vigilant.

Unfortunately, though, this blog post apparently also will make me fat. Coincidentally (I don’t believe in “coincidences”, either), I came upon this article which tells me that THINKING makes me fat! Oh, no! Have I over-thought this situation? Or, is this post so completely ridiculous it doesn’t qualify as thinking? Only you can decide for sure…

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22 Responses to “Thinking makes you fat, srsly!”

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Well, you face these troubles in US too. With credit cards, I mean. I had a similar case, it took me months and several calls to ‘customer care’ to resolve it. Actually it was fixed only when I said the magic words ‘cancel my card’. I got the card canceled promptly, though. I can understand how frustrating it can be to get charged on your card when you have not even used it. 😦

And this is new, clutter makes me fat. πŸ™‚

so that’s why i’m so fat! i think far too much! it makes perfect sense why bimbos are skinny now… :mrgreen:

you should do what poonam did! hope they don’t expect you to pay for the fraud charges.

P had his ID stolen…our credit rating plummeted despite the fraud case numbers from the nice credit card companies! πŸ™‚
Thinking and clutter makes you fat? No wonder!! I am fat! πŸ˜€ And Sulz: you are not fat!!! πŸ™‚

just curious…how much was the bill for JIB? Btw, heard they have good burgers & fries for vegetarians like me πŸ™‚

I did experience similar situation with credit card fraudulent charges, and thank god not the cc company. I suggest you call them again, threaten to close the cc and switch to another cc company (I can recommend – via email). The CC company that I am attached too is simply amazing, in terms of service. There were fraud charges and they call us immediately to confirm & replace my existing card! My husband worked with another CC company on a project before, and the protocol is amazing. So, I am not sure why your cc company is harassing you. They should just investigate at their end by contacting the merchant and getting more details such as signatures etc. You should just default the fraudulent charges and cancel the card.

I never knew that thinking and clutter makes one fat? πŸ˜€

I am ceasing all thinking, immediately. Can I have some chocolate?

Once this gets all straightened out, I would get another card from a different bank. Srsly. The gang that can’t shoot straight is usually amusing, but not when one’s very own dollars are involved.

Your thief’s sin isn’t Pizza Hut. It’s Pizza Hut twice. πŸ™‚

Many things:

1) I’m back! Hopefully for good!

2) Is it me, or is this post better written than your past ones? Regardless, you possess an excellent way with words.

3) Credit card companies suck. That’s why I don’t use credit cards (well, my age might have something to do with that…)

4) Clutter might make you seem fat because there’s less available space to use in your home, thus your body takes up a larger percentage of the living space. Or maybe clutter just stresses you out.

5) Same goes for thinking too much. You think too much when you’re stressed out, and stress has been linked to people getting fat. This is nothing new… The Telegraph is a poor excuse for journalism.

Oh, Muse!
I feel your pain. I dislike dealing with situations like this, mostly because it does seem like a complete waste of time. Not to mention the sheer frustration of navigating voice mail hell and being put on hold for what seems like an eternity.

Last summer, we also had some fraudulent activity on my ATM card. We noticed a $600 charge that was not ours. Turns out someone somehow got my card number (and I have no idea how that happens!) and purchased airline tickets…IN POLAND. Thankfully, it was all taken care of quickly, and I did end up getting my new card in the mail with no problem.

Ah, the joys of living in our technologically advanced world are overwhelming, are they not?

And, by the way, if clutter makes one fat, then I would certainly have a serious weight problem. Which I don’t. Except for that pesky five pounds that I just can’t seem to shed. As for me, I have decided to make friends with clutter. It’s just simpler that way! πŸ™‚

I am still chuckling at Ella’s reply. I just love her sense of humor!
I also agree with Leap. I think credit is the root of all evil not money… πŸ˜‰
But, whatever, just my opinion.

I do hope it gets sorted out for you, Muse. You could always say you’ll make a you tube complaint about it. That should get things sorted out quickly. Seriously. I have heard it works with many companies.

I better go before I get fat…take care.

I think it was 10,000 CC were on one website for sale to the highest bidder – and for the life in me I cannot find the link any more to either the news story or the website, but that just shows you how easy it is to get someone else’s details and make a fraudulent card.

Crazy stuff. One way that people did get hold of CC numbers etc is through Internet Explorer 7 browser, that has been patched but not everyone upgrades. Obviously upgrade now if you haven’t and get either Opera or Firefox for browsing. πŸ™‚

Wow, Muse, what a serious pain in the ass! Your credit card hassles remind me of the frustration I’ve had dealing with the insurance company over my husband’s hospital bills. Ugh! I’m not which is scarier the lack of help from the CC company or the fact that there’s absolutely no indication of how they got your card number in the first place. Hope it gets worked out soon!

Oh, yes, Poonam, clutter AND thinking make us at least look fat! It’s most discouraging! πŸ˜› My replacement card did arrive the day after I posted this…and they have “purged” all the faulty charges. I will continue to watch this—and my credit rating, to be sure both are OK.

Well, sulz, you THINK you are fat {note to readers: she is NOT} so therefore if you keep thinking about being fat… (hehe). Thanks! No, they are not expecting me to pay anything for not eating at Sizzler in another state now. πŸ™‚

Oh, dear, now I’m nervous, Apar! The charges were removed before they incurred any late charges, so I hope I’m alright. I will keep checking! Yes, these things WOULD have made us fat if we didn’t know about them in time. Now, we just have to stop thinking about clutter…have I got that right? πŸ˜‰ It’s true, sulz is not fat, but, I’ll bet, neither are you! πŸ˜› The charge for Jack in the Box was around $9. From what I remember, I think two people can eat for that amount there. Oh, do they have veggie burgers? I didn’t know!

Your CC company sounds much more helpful than mine, Kiran! I have another card, for personal use, and those folks call if there is a big change in activity, or, really for any little thing that seems wrong. I have my new card now for the business, and I don’t use it all that much, so I’m crossing my fingers…if there are still problems I will cancel. Thanks for the advice!

Yes, ella, absolutely! You may have as much chocolate as you like as long as you don’t think at all! (Knowing you, that’s not likely, though, is it?) πŸ˜‰ Mmmm, indeed. I don’t want to tell tales, and “out” these folks, but, um, that card isn’t actually from a bank. Maybe I ought to re-think this whole thing… I know! Can you believe that? The fact my card number was used for chain and/or fast food exclusively, and over only two days makes me think it was some strange computer error. If I were to change my career path, and become a credit card thief {disclaimer: I have absolutely NO leanings in that direction; this is a purely hypothetical discussion for illustrative purposes only!} I would certainly treat myself to the best restaurants in town! And buy TVs and computers and things. πŸ˜‰

I have no idea how people manage to get others’ credit card numbers and expiration dates without ever physically seeing the card. I find that strange that they would use it at food places, since they usually require a signature, and not for something like gas that doesn’t require any.

I hate to see that they are giving you so many problems removing those charges though. Not sure the issuer you have, but some are easier than others to file and do a fraud case. From personal experience, Chase credit cards have one of the best chargeback policies, and I believe AMEX does too. I had to do one a few weeks ago with Chase, and they canceled the charge and credited my statement immediately.

Many thanks for the link Muse! πŸ™‚

Best to you on this issue. Things like this make me wish for a simpler time. I recommend you read one Anne of Green Gables and get some sleep.

Good grief! This is crazymaking stuff for sure. I’m extremely protective about using my credit cards and about supplying any information about them online. This just makes me feel even more self protective.

Leap! πŸ™‚ 1) I’m glad you’re back! I’ve missed you, in fact. 2) I’ll certainly take the compliment! If you mean better than ALL my past ones, no, I don’t really think it is. There were some doozies last year, and the year before that. Although I mostly write for my own amusement and/or exposition, one of my specialties, I think, is the “absurdity of life/human interest” sort of thing, especially when it applies to me πŸ˜‰ so, thank you! 3) Ah yes, your advanced age…you are probably too senile to sign a credit card receipt! (Haha). I do like the convenience of them, and these things rarely happen, at least to me. 4) Huh! I never thought of it that way! Less space for my body, so feeling larger in comparison. Veddy Interesting! 5) Don’t know much about the Telegraph, but I’ll take your word for it. Also don’t know how “scientific” this study was, but it did measure caloric activity during intellectual activity, and calories consumed. Overall, I don’t think we need to heed the article very much. I love how journalists like to give us new things to worry about—Not. πŸ˜€

Thank you, tee. I appreciate your empathy! Well, did you at least get a trip to Poland out of the deal? It seems the least they could do. Me, I’ll just be eating at Jack-in-the-Box. πŸ˜› It’s very strange how these things happen, but I’m glad yours turned out well. And thank you for the testimonial. Whew! So, clutter doesn’t HAVE to make me fat, then! It’s not required! Yay!

Oh, yeah, ella da bomb, bead! I know, but I love the convenience of CCs. It’s politically incorrect to say so, and provides more opportunities for THEM to be watching me, but also for ME to be watching me. I get a printed (or pixelated) record of all my expenses, and I DO pay it off each month, honest! I’ll keep that YouTube thing in mind if it comes to that, thanks! It seems to be OK for the moment, but I am watching them… πŸ˜•

Wow, that’s scary, Will! I think I do remember something about that story. I am up to date, and I am looking at you right now on Firefox (which I love), but I didn’t know about the IE 7—golly! I know I’ve never been able to use credit in a restaurant without the actual card in my hand, so I don’t know how this transpired…

Hey, joyful! It’s great to see you, my friend. Yes, insurance paperwork is probably equal in challenging ones equilibrium. Sorting out who pays what and when and how, and who submits what form where! I think things are going well with this. I am paying careful attention. Thanks!

Well, that’s exactly what I was wondering too, Shane! I’ve always had to sign my name in a restaurant, and have the card right there. It’s got to be some sort of weird glitch, don’t you think? Thanks for the sympathy, and your recommendations. It all seems OK now, but if I run into more trouble I’ll heed your advice!

You know, your advice is very sensible, C. I have Anne of Avonlea here on the shelf, and I haven’t read it for quite a while. Do you think Gilbert will…naw, not going to give it away! Thanks for your good wishes!!!

I know, timethief! Crazymaking, for sure! And I already had the perfect amount of crazy. πŸ˜‰ I’m never quite sure what I’m getting into online, either. I do buy online from well known companies I’ve done business with before, but even their secure sites can be hacked. Thanks, and let’s all stay safe!

Oh man! This kind of fiasco makes me glad I don’t have a credit card. I can’t stand trying to talk to these kinds of companies. It’s so confusing, and half the time I’m convinced they have no idea what they’re doing.

Thinking makes you fat? Maybe that’s why so many nerds are overweight…

Haha, B0bby, re: nerds. I have a mental picture of nerds being very skinny because they forget to eat! πŸ˜‰ But, a case can be made for both.
Well, mostly it’s not like this in CC land, do not despair! πŸ™‚

Hi Muse,

Well ur CC does’nt have the best customer service for sure..I had worked for CC before and ur case should have been handled by the Fraud Dept to investigate the charges..

Clutter doesn’t make me fat but depressed…

They finally did put it into the Fraud department, CV. They don’t know why it didn’t get referred properly the first time. 😦 They’ve been very nice since then; they sent me a new card, removed all the wrong charges, and sent me a report stating that none of them had ever appeared on my credit report. πŸ™‚ Thanks! I wish YOU worked for my CC company! πŸ˜›
…Ah, but, if clutter makes you depressed, does depression make you fat? (It makes ME eat more, so I try to stay happy.) πŸ˜€ Well, I hope you don’t have any clutter right now, then.


Clutter doesn’t make me eat but smoke more then I get depressed…Anyway, I am in the process to quit smoking right now..I don’t want to replace one addictive behavior to another one…Hope my soul mature enough in my present life then I can achieve contentment in all aspect in my next lives to come..

Good for you, CV! I wish you all the best. Interesting that clutter makes you want to smoke more; I hadn’t heard that before.
Yes, addictions can be a challenge, in any life! πŸ˜‰

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