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Notorious local Super Bowl event

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I wasn’t going to write about Football anymore, honest, but apparently a local Tucson embarrassment has become national, and therefore international, news.

But, before I get there, since I am writing about Football, I just want to take a moment to congratulate The Pittsburgh Steelers, the latest Super Bowl champions, and the only 6-time winner so far. They played a great game and deserve the honor.

However, I’m very proud of our home team!  The Arizona Cardinals were ahead with less than two minutes to go, after being riddled with unfortunate penalties, and did a splendid job, particularly in the 2nd half. They made the Steelers work for their victory, and proved again their worthiness to be in their first Super Bowl ever!

Now…if you’ve scanned news websites today, such as CNN, for instance, you will have seen the headline about how some local Tucson residents were treated to surprised by an interruption in the broadcast near the end of the game Sunday evening. It was during the fourth quarter; the game was nearly over. Just after a great play by my state’s team, the scene changed abruptly. Twice. The first time, I saw movie credits rolling by for a film I did not recognize. Then, we were back at the game for a little bit, and then…oh, my!

Let me point out that I don’t actually live within the city limits of Tucson. I’m in a little town nearby. I do, however get my television cable service from Tucson, and I was one of several thousand people who were suddenly watching a scene from another film. An adult film. A way-X-rated film. I’d thought the football game was pretty exciting up to that point, but this was a sort of excitement, frankly, that I wasn’t quite looking for right then. It was only for a few seconds (most reports say 10-20 seconds) and, there wasn’t actually any, um, explicit activity going on in the film right at that moment—although it looked as if this were about to commence. What I saw was a young lady unzipping a young man’s jeans, and there was nothing left to the imagination once his jeans had been removed. That’s all. Back to the game.

I turned to my nearest companion, and noticed everyone had a rather stunned expression. “Did I see what I think I just saw?”   “Uh-huh!”   “Um, wow!”   “Uh, yeah!”   …you can see we were not particularly coherent immediately after this occurred. There were no further disturbances of that nature for the rest of the game, but it was kind of hard to concentrate after that.

At that point, we didn’t know if this, uh, “bonus” scene was local, state-wide, national, or international. I logged on to our local news website, which reported they’d received hundreds of phone calls (I can just imagine) and that the scenes originated from one of our local service providers, not the NBC network, or our local NBC affiliate. Only some subscribers in the local Tucson metropolitan area were provided this brief (haha) viewing opportunity.

Comments on the news website were predictable: “My children were watching that game!”   “Someone’s got to be responsible for this!”   “Oh, yeah, you let your children watch 4 hours of violence a night, but one little glimpse of a %$*&#, which half the population has one of, anyway, and it sends you into fits.” Etc.

I will say I’m glad I didn’t have any children in the house with me. It did make me wonder who on earth was hacking into our local cable provider’s stream—a cute prankster computer sciences major from the University, perhaps? An intern at the cable company left alone to push the buttons while the rest of the staff was home watching the game, and who was watching that “art film” instead, and accidentally pushed the wrong button? 😳

If you didn’t know, the American Football Super Bowl event is the most watched sporting event amongst my countrypeople. Many watch it who are not even particular fans of the sport, because advertisers choose to put their best, most creative ads on display then. There are contests for the “Best Super Bowl Ad” each year. (I thought this years’ ads were just OK.) The other big draw is the Halftime Show, which has been getting bigger and more explosive each year. This year’s show featured Bruce Springsteen, and he really rocked the house! One of the best I’ve seen. So, there were already plenty of exciting happenings, other than the game itself, before the “incident” occurred.

It certainly caused the game to be a notable television viewing event in my neck o’ the woods, even more so than the famous “wardrobe malfunction” during Halftime a couple of Super Bowls ago. For me, it was rather distracting. Otherwise, well, life goes on. It’s just that now, in addition to my state having the 2nd best Football team in the US right now, we’re also now known as the “Football Smut” capital of the world! 😮

Ah well. This too shall pass. 😉

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