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How have you BEen?

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I’ve been off for a bit, practicing what I preach, as the saying goes. I’ve felt I haven’t had much to say recently. I thought about writing a post saying I had nothing to say…but then I’d be saying something, wouldn’t I? 😉

Seriously, if I were to take an extended blog vacation, I would post a note before I did. It’s never been my intention to do so, at least so far. There are just times when more pours forth from me than other times.

The way I’ve been practicing what I preach is by just being. I’ve been following a teaching, lately, from ancient wisdom and modern best-sellers which tells me that society (whatever that is) has it all backwards. We’re encouraged to get an education or take assessment tests, in order to determine how we’re going to “Make A Living” (!) because then we can earn money, or prestige, or value to the world, or with any luck, all of those. And THEN we can Have Things We Want, whether they are material possessions, or the ability to help others, or what we perceive as financial security. At that point, we can feel free to enjoy life, or choose freely what to do with our time.

This model might be summarized as: Do>Have>Be.

There is a better, easier, and faster model to get what one desires from life, in my opinion, and it turns the first one on its head: Be>Have>Do.

This way, if we want something to change in our current circumstances, such as: “Want a new job”, Want more friends”, or “Want to feel I’m making a difference”, the FIRST step—rather than running around trying to figure out what to DO about that—is to sit quietly, and joyfully imagine how the improved circumstance will feel. This connects us up with all the support the Universe can give.

I think this is why many cultures emphasize meditation as a practice. It clears the mind, and puts the daily clutter away for a while, so we can allow what really matters to emerge. I’m aware that some of the wonderful people who read my blog are not spiritually oriented, and this may sound “airy-fairy” and not at all tenable. But, I must say that I’m interested in practical results before anything else, and the Be>Have>Do model is just faster and more efficient, whether it’s “spiritual” or not.

So many of us think we need to “Do” in order to “Have”. This notion is practically embedded in our universal psyche. I like this saying from the Tao Te Ching:
Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?”
This suggests to me that all the frantic running around that we do in this life is largely wasted effort. Well, not “wasted”, exactly, because I don’t believe anything is wasted, really, but more…inefficient. Sure, we can get things done if we expend effort, and try, and strive…but what if there were an easier way?

Perhaps instead of saying to yourself, “I have to get (do) a job, so I’ll have some money…”, try just sitting for a moment, and imagining how you want to be; how you want to feel. In this moment, most likely you are not starving. You have clothes to wear; you have a place to sit comfortably. You can imagine that with this little tweak, and that little tweak, life can be really good! Just imagine those little tweaks already taken care of, and the wonderful, happy You resulting.

Then—and only then, when you feel confident that all is possible—will you truly have what you desire, which (unless you are very unusual) is a feeling of peace and contentment. That is the only “have” worth “having”. Not to get too preachy, but you know material possessions don’t MAKE you happy, right? They can only enhance the happiness you already have.

After that last step, (and, unless you’ve been practicing this a while, you’ll just have to trust me on this!) the obvious course of ACTION will suggest itself to you. That’s when the “doing” comes into play. We all know it’s best not to make decisions or take actions when we’re stressed. Here’s a way of avoiding those unfortunate decisions, and seeing what actions actually have value.

This is as preachy as I’ve been, for quite a while. I started this post saying I’ve been PRACTICING what I preach. Who do you think I’ve been preaching to? That’s right, me!

Have a good day!

To do is to be. – Socrates

To be is to do. – Plato

DoBeDoBeDo. – Sinatra

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