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A wedding, a birthday, and a funeral

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Free Clipart Picture of a Piece of Cake on a Plate. Click Here to Get Free Images at Clipart No, this is not a sequel to a popular movie, it’s just my life lately. A few days ago I went to the wedding of some people I didn’t know well. I had been sitting next to the future bride at a meeting when her engagement was announced. She didn’t know her fiance was going to stand up and announce it. She blushed, and giggled, and hugged me—since I was right there!—and we became instant friends. Then she introduced me to her fiance and now we are all friends.

It was a fun wedding; very simple, elegant and beautiful. We had some friends in common, and it was a gorgeous day for an outdoor reception. Then I walked on a beautiful nature trail near the wedding location. Nice day!

Today is my birthday! Yay! I don’t know if I will have had fun yet, because I’m posting this very early, but I expect to. It’s a Saturday, so I’m starting the day with breakfast outdoors at my favorite park/museum/gallery/tea room. It is my tradition to have a meal there; I have done so every birthday since I’ve lived in southern Arizona. After that, I’m going shopping, hiking, and to the library! (I know; but those are fun for me!) Then, out to dinner and a concert with friends.

My dear blog friend, sulz, actually remembered my birthday from last year, AND took the time during her holiday in Thailand to commemorate it! Isn’t that nice of her? 🙂

On Sunday, I’m facilitating a group in the morning, and attending a memorial service in the afternoon. It should be a nice event, actually. I didn’t know the man that passed away very well, but his wife and I have become close in a philosophical discussion group, and I’m attending to support her. She believes, and I fairly well agree, that her husband “has returned to pure, positive energy”, so she intends this to be a celebration of his life, rather than a sad funeral. She will miss him greatly, but she says it feels to her as if he’s gone on a really long trip. They will tell stories about him, and we’ll have cake.

So, it’s an eventful weekend. I didn’t want to end with the “funeral”, so I’ll tell you…

I gave myself a gift for my birthday. I finally (after some kicking and screaming and whining) joined a social network. Well, actually, three. Being me, it took me, like, a YEAR to research the ones I was interested in. I’m still not sure what I’ll do with them, or if I’ll really put in the time required, but I’m jumping in. You can follow me on Twitter, on Library Thing and on Gaia Community.  I will follow you, if I can find you! 🙂 I’ll be learning, so thanks for your patience.

Have a nice weekend!

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