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Here’s what I’ve noticed so far. Of the three networks I’ve recently joined (Twitter, Library Thing, and Gaia) I use Twitter the most. It’s so easy, and so enticing, to just pop over there for a second and see what’s up. Even so, I don’t post there very much, really.

I have noticed that I tend to complain just a bit more at Twitter than I do in my  blog posts; or at least it seems that way. Wonder why? I’m deciding right now as I type this, I don’t want to do that. Because if I focus on the things I don’t like, it will give them more attention, and thus more power! (Isn’t that what I’ve been telling me all these years?) I sorta kinda already knew this, but the tweets, these strange short little outbursts, seem to bring out the complaining. I want to do only mostly positweets. (Trying to be realistic, here, and not make “rules”, just preferences.)

So, I use Twitter the most. The one that uses me the most is Gaia. It’s this spiritual/conscious sort of network, and I’m a little…surprised at how much marketing is involved. I checked the box that said I wouldn’t mind receiving an “occasional” email from them with “special opportunities” for “people like me”. I have been a member for nine days, and I’ve received 10 emails from them. Guess I ought change my preferences. I know we all need an income, etc., and I might have bought buy some of their products, but I’d rather the focus be on the interesting discussions. Which I haven’t participated in. So I’m not sure what I’m really doing there, other than it seemed like a gathering place for people with some of my interests. We’ll see.

And I haven’t put any more books up on Library Thing, yet, but I’ve had a very busy week, and I will soon have more time for that. They are good folks and I like the site. I’m looking forward to trying out the one Care recommended, too.

Let’s see if I can remain positwitterific! {Can’t believe I said that!} 🙂

P.S. Oh yeah, I now totally get what people mean when they say that the appeal of Twitter can’t be explained, but must be experienced. It’s very different than I thought it would be. If this keeps up, I might even join facebook!. Nah!

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