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Each of the words in the title of this post has at least a double meaning in my life this week. I have called the last week—from last Thursday until now—the busiest week I’ve had so far. I don’t know if this is strictly true, but, certainly a lot of things came together at once. First there was work. A lot of it. I’ll talk about that and brag about my accomplishments in a minute, but while it’s fresh I want to tell you about my day.

On Wednesday, I finally had a day off; a day where I wasn’t expected to be anywhere, and had only small or upcoming projects I could safely ignore—for a day, anyway.

Did I spend the day catching up on my blog friends’ blogs? On posts and stories and lives I’ve sadly neglected? Although I’ve missed you, and haven’t been around, and haven’t expressed concern for some things I know some of you are going through—No. I. didn’t.

I spent the day with Science Fiction, Reality, and Fun. I really needed the break, so please forgive me. I went to see a movie (guess which one), went out to lunch, and then went to a science lecture in the evening. I know the movie and lunch might sound like fun to most of you, but, a lecture? That’s more like work, or a class, or something. For some. For me it’s fun, stimulating, and relaxing all at the same time. This particular lecture was exhilarating! It was called Angels & Demons: The Science of Antimatter and the Large Hadron Collider. I haven’t seen the movie Angels & Demons yet, as it doesn’t open for a couple of days, but apparently, in honor of The Year of Science, many universities throughout the USA were presenting similar lectures this week.

atom3The talk was wonderfully entertaining. There’s nothing like a funny physicist to capture my attention. He was able to address the science in the upcoming movie in way that educated and enlightened scientists and non-scientists alike. I learned that much of the science discussed in the film is true; real; something that I wasn’t expecting. The Large Hadron Collider, which is planned to be activated later this year, plays an important role in Angels & Demons, and several of the physicists who’ve worked on the Collider teach at the University of Arizona, where I attended the lecture, and were present there. All the images and properties of the collider discussed in the film are accurate, we were told. The only s-t-r-e-t-c-h, perhaps, was the potential of the bomb which is the major threat in the movie. I’m impressed that so many of the highly-scrutinized science premises are well presented.

Six hours earlier, I was delighted with Star Trek, as well. Awesome; Credible; Very-Nearly-Perfect. I’ve seen every episode of The Original Series at least six times, and I thought the way the characters were handled in this film was surprising, but fit with the physics we know, without losing any credibility or violating the history of the franchise. There have been some viewers who feel the JJ Abrams film didn’t adhere to the Star Trek we know and love—I disagree, I think the story was handled in a consistent way with physics we entertain today. As I said; surprising. I’m not giving it away though! Go see it, even if you are not a particular Star Trek fan. (Do I know such people?) 😉 It’s a great space adventure whether you’ve heard of Kirk or Spock, or not. I, and my geeky, Trekker fans waited a long time for this film. I’m looking forward to the continuing voyages.

Here’s what I needed a break from: Two major events for two of the organizations I work for in ONE weekend. And all the buildup to them, and fallout afterward, including me getting promoted, or voted-into, really, the directorship of one of the groups. (Good for me! Yay!) I’m going to have a very busy year, but I have a little breathing room for a couple of weeks to catch up with my online reading.

All the science was a refreshing change for me, after being up to my ears in arts and cultural groups (even if one of them has its scientific elements). Tomorrow is my day to clean house, read blogs (alternatively blog-clean-blog-clean; it works better for me that way) and plan to move forward in my new role. Cheers, and thanks for your patience! 😀

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