Happy Can/Am day/week!

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I was looking around the “Bloggers Unite” site, and was drawn to this image:

244I’ve noticed for years, now, that Canada Day and the US Independence Day are very close together. (My observation skills are legion!), so why not celebrate them both? They have similar themes. I won’t get into the historical ramifications of the holidays, other than that they express, for both nations, a commitment to freedom for the individual, and pride in our accomplishments. The “Bloggers Unite” assignment is to write about something both nations share. That’s a lot of things to choose from!

I choose to write about the Rocky Mountains. I first experienced the Colorado Rockies in my youth, and thought they were spectacular. I live in the region known as “the four corners” (named this because four states, [Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico] all come together in an almost perfect rectangle) and I have stood in the spot, unique in the States, where all four states meet. I consider the four corners region to be most representative of the Southwest, and there is an affinity among the four states here. While I don’t live in Colorado, I took some local pride and ownership of the Colorado Rockies.

I can make no such claim to the Canadian Rockies. I’ve spent some time in British Columbia and Alberta. I must admit that, so far, I have not been further east in Canada than Alberta, even though I have family near Niagara Falls who have encouraged me to visit. I shall, someday, really! I’d love to visit Montreal and Toronto! But for now, I will say that traveling from BC to Alberta afforded me one of the most stunningly beautiful; mouth-droppingly gorgeous journeys through any mountains I’ve ever undertaken. I mean this literally—I could not keep my mouth shut (and I wasn’t talking! or eating!), it kept dropping open at the sheer magnificence of the views.

Keeping in mind that I have not visited the Swiss or Italian Alps yet, I must say that the Canadian Rockies, specifically, are the most beautiful mountains I’ve seen—and we have many wonderful ranges on the north American continent. There are some nice pictures in the Wikipedia article about the Rockies, including one of my favorite views in Banff.

So, I wish all my Canadian friends a (belated) Happy Canada Day, and my US friends a peaceful and exciting Independence Day. To those reading from other countries, you are invited to celebrate with us! As with Canada and the US, there is more uniting us than dividing us. In these times, my wish is for freedom and peace for all who seek them.

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10 Responses to “Happy Can/Am day/week!”

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Happy fourth of July, Muse! (is it weird or ironic for a Brit such as myself to wish that? πŸ˜› ). And happy Canada Day, too.

The Rocky Mountains look awe-inspiring. I love mountains.

Thank you, B0bby! Not at all! I think all our relative situations have changed a bit since 1776. One or two things have happened since then. I hope you can see the Rockies in person some day. I still haven’t seen the whole range; it is huge!

Have a good one, Muse! πŸ™‚

Happy Fourth, Muse. I never take our freedoms for granted, but with all that’s going on in Iran, I am especially grateful for them.

I really wish I could make it up to British Columbia sometime, and just spend as much time as humanly possible in the Rockies. You’re lucky!

Ah Muse! Happy holiday no matter what it’s called. I’ve always dreamed of seeing the Canadian Rockies just because anyone I’ve spoken to who’s been there has had the same mouth-open, eyes-wide-open reaction. Like you, I also love the U.S. Rockies but have only had a truly mouth agape experience when I visited the not-so-well-known Bear Tooth Mountains between Montana and Wyoming. If you’ve never been there, you have an awesome treat in store for you. And so do I when I finally get to see those Canadian beauties. I also dream of the town with two fs in its name for extra emfasis (Banff)? But I do wax on. Greetings from beautiful Brooklyn, Mlle. Muse. Peace out and in.

Thanks, Sir Cynic, I did in fact! πŸ™‚

Thank you ella, and I trust yours was celebratory as well. Freedom is something I do greatly appreciate!

I am that, leap, and well I know it. I believe you would love those mountains!

Thank you, and to you, Ronnie Ann! Oh, I’d enjoy having another agape-mouth experience, thanks for the recommendation; I’ve made note of it. We do have many amazing mountain ranges in our land! Isn’t Banff a cool name? It’s pronounced just like it looks. Or vice-versa. And very beautiful it is, too! I saw pictures of the golden sky above NY last week. Lovely and unusual phenomenon. πŸ™‚

and Peace be with you. πŸ™‚

Thanks, Muse, from Canada’s wet coast. πŸ˜‰

IdeaJump: Always a sentiment I’ll share! Thank you, and with you.

Davidya: You’re very welcome, my northwards friend!

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