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Mooning on Moonday

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I had planned for some months now to write about the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. Space exploration is of profound interest to me. As a child, as I’ve written elsewhere, one of my favorite books was You Will Go to the Moon! When I read it; people HAD gone. I just knew I would, too.

I wanted to write of a family member who’d told a long tale of how her summer vacation was interrupted by watching the moon landing on television. She’d been staying with her family in a cabin in the woods, without television or radio. Some kind neighbors along the way invited the family to their larger, more elegant summer home to view the historic event. Only nine years old at the time, she gradually came to realize it was important to stop building the “Flintstone Village” in the sand—which she’d been doing with a friend before being called in to watch the amazing event, and focus on the meaning and significance of space travel.

I wanted to say all this, in much greater detail…but something in me resisted, and procrastinated, until I found myself unable to write anything else, either. Well, this historic anniversary has come and gone (on Monday—“Moonday”, as it happens!), and I realize now that I felt I was supposed to write about it. I nearly joined a “Bloggers Unite” group to pledge to blog about this topic—I’m glad now I did not. As much as I honor the achievements of the crew that first stepped on the moon, in 1969, I find that dwelling upon and aggrandizing history, at least in this area, has lost much of its appeal for me. It is simply not who I am. And I feel a modicum of guilt, and a dash of reluctance to share that admission.

photo credit: NASA


I cannot, even now, imagine the courage it took to agree to be shot into space, during those early days of travel, knowing that no one had done these things before. Nevertheless, they did, and space travel will continue, one way or another, as well it should. I believe ways will be found to colonize Mars or the Moon or some other place. Perhaps, we humans will delve further into the mysteries of quantum mechanics and discover we don’t even need vessels for such travel. But that is for another time. I just feel a need, these days, to focus upon the present.

Having let go of the burden to write about the Moon; I wrote about it anyway, without the burden. Life so often works better that way—at least I think it does—without the burden of necessity. Letting it go, letting it flow, can accomplish a peaceful resolution, regardless.

Perhaps we’ll meet on the moon, someday…

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