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Stop Internetting!

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This is what I often yell at speak in a slightly elevated tone to my computer when it’s accessing the Internet and I don’t know why. Between automatic updates, and just random computery things, my connection will just start going nuts, sometimes when I’m not doing anything. As a Registered Control Freak(TM) this bothers me greatly. I do not like it when my computer just…does stuff without my telling it to. And, you know that “hard-drive-access-sound”? I’ll just be sitting here, minding my own business, taking my time deciding where to click first (OK, so it’s after one of those nights I hadn’t had much sleep), and then, “Whirr! Swish! Knnnck!” What is it DOING? Without me? Am I overly sensitive and obsessive about this? 😉

But, conversely, every now and then, my ‘puter decides it doesn’t WANT to access the Internet. I had this going on for DAYS, recently. I finally wiped my hard drive and started over; not for the first time. This is rather a tedious process, but, generally works. My computer had been fine, other than admonishing me strongly that it “Cannot Connect to the Internet“. Is it just me, or do I detect an implied criticism in that?

I’ve blamed everything from games—it tends to happen after I’ve played a number of downloaded games, even if I delete each one after playing, and do a registry clean, etc.—to “dueling firewalls” (that Windows one is insidious).

Then, once I think I’m back online again, I get this:
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SEE! I’m not paranoid! Or just paranoid! However, in any case, I am glad I had a chance to save my files before starting over. It’s just the Internet that thinks I’m stupid, not the computer itself. The other thing I thought about blaming, and you Facebookies can tell me if I’m right here, is, you guessed it, Facebook. I do not have an account there, although periodically urged to by various online and Real Life friends, but I offered to monitor a relative’s page for him, because he didn’t want to deny himself an opportunity to look at family pictures, since Facebook is the only place they appear. I’m supposed to tell him when someone posts something I think he might actually be interested in. And, reply to comments on his, um, “wall” with something like: “Your relative HATES Facebook, but LOVES you, so he’s recruited me to tell you he says ‘Hi’.”

He says he does hate Facebook; I don’t, I just don’t use it. I thought that monitoring his page might give me an opportunity to learn how it works. I’m really not all that stupid, in spite of what Firefox says (see above) but I don’t get it. Srsly.

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An aside: The most prevalent comment on the above graph at the GraphJam site was along the lines of: “The proper term is ‘Orwellinan’, not ‘Orwellesque’.”  Srsly. This is GraphJam, ferevenssake, not a Master’s Thesis! The adjective “orwellian” does not appear in my dictionary, although it does in some; in my world that means it has not as yet officially entered the vernacular. I had only heard/seen “orwellian” used as a descriptive for a type of totalitarianism described in George Orwell’s novels, but, does that mean “orwellesque” must be incorrect? Suffix “ian” = One from, belonging to, relating to, or like; Suffix “esque” = In the style or manner of; appended to nouns, especially proper nouns, and forming adjectives. The interwebs dictionaries say so!

So, I appeal to you, if you are still reading this entry, and haven’t given up in despair, to tell me if you’ve heard that Facebook can corrupt my interwebbytubes, even if it’s not my own account! (Although it might as well be, as I have the password, and access, and everything.) If so, I can tell my family member to go FB elsewhere. But, if it’s Twitter that did it, I don’t want to know! 🙂

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