Stop Internetting!

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This is what I often yell at speak in a slightly elevated tone to my computer when it’s accessing the Internet and I don’t know why. Between automatic updates, and just random computery things, my connection will just start going nuts, sometimes when I’m not doing anything. As a Registered Control Freak(TM) this bothers me greatly. I do not like it when my computer just…does stuff without my telling it to. And, you know that “hard-drive-access-sound”? I’ll just be sitting here, minding my own business, taking my time deciding where to click first (OK, so it’s after one of those nights I hadn’t had much sleep), and then, “Whirr! Swish! Knnnck!” What is it DOING? Without me? Am I overly sensitive and obsessive about this? πŸ˜‰

But, conversely, every now and then, my ‘puter decides it doesn’t WANT to access the Internet. I had this going on for DAYS, recently. I finally wiped my hard drive and started over; not for the first time. This is rather a tedious process, but, generally works. My computer had been fine, other than admonishing me strongly that it “Cannot Connect to the Internet“. Is it just me, or do I detect an implied criticism in that?

I’ve blamed everything from games—it tends to happen after I’ve played a number of downloaded games, even if I delete each one after playing, and do a registry clean, etc.—to “dueling firewalls” (that Windows one is insidious).

Then, once I think I’m back online again, I get this:
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SEE! I’m not paranoid! Or just paranoid! However, in any case, I am glad I had a chance to save my files before starting over. It’s just the Internet that thinks I’m stupid, not the computer itself. The other thing I thought about blaming, and you Facebookies can tell me if I’m right here, is, you guessed it, Facebook. I do not have an account there, although periodically urged to by various online and Real Life friends, but I offered to monitor a relative’s page for him, because he didn’t want to deny himself an opportunity to look at family pictures, since Facebook is the only place they appear. I’m supposed to tell him when someone posts something I think he might actually be interested in. And, reply to comments on his, um, “wall” with something like: “Your relative HATES Facebook, but LOVES you, so he’s recruited me to tell you he says ‘Hi’.”

He says he does hate Facebook; I don’t, I just don’t use it. I thought that monitoring his page might give me an opportunity to learn how it works. I’m really not all that stupid, in spite of what Firefox says (see above) but I don’t get it. Srsly.

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An aside: The most prevalent comment on the above graph at the GraphJam site was along the lines of: “The proper term is ‘Orwellinan’, not ‘Orwellesque’.”Β  Srsly. This is GraphJam, ferevenssake, not a Master’s Thesis! The adjective “orwellian” does not appear in my dictionary, although it does in some; in my world that means it has not as yet officially entered the vernacular. I had only heard/seen “orwellian” used as a descriptive for a type of totalitarianism described in George Orwell’s novels, but, does that mean “orwellesque” must be incorrect? Suffix “ian” = One from, belonging to, relating to, or like; Suffix “esque” = In the style or manner of; appended to nouns, especially proper nouns, and forming adjectives. The interwebs dictionaries say so!

So, I appeal to you, if you are still reading this entry, and haven’t given up in despair, to tell me if you’ve heard that Facebook can corrupt my interwebbytubes, even if it’s not my own account! (Although it might as well be, as I have the password, and access, and everything.) If so, I can tell my family member to go FB elsewhere. But, if it’s Twitter that did it, I don’t want to know! πŸ™‚

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13 Responses to “Stop Internetting!”

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I know many Bell Canada (Sympatico) customers had problems going on line here at the same time. I don’t know what it was. At first they told my sister, and everyone I know that called that it wasn’t their problem. After paying a computer guy twice who told her it was a virus (it wasn’t) I took a look on line to see what other people were saying. I told her to call Bell back and demand they fix it. After a few days of demanding, they fixed it remotely and she is back on.

I don’t think the States has Bell though, does it?

Sorry for your woes, my friend.

As a former Facebook dabbler and now permanent avoider unless it’s to answer an urgent personal message, I understand your position.

I avoid Facebook like plague since its a huge time waster. My FB page is too cluttered and updates happen via twitter only.

But you know, I still manage to fritter away my time on Internet without Facebook.

So many cookies are dropped everytime you register for anything or visit sites, who knows what the culprit is. I’ve lost control over my computer long long ago! When I get close to blowing I take a walk in the woods and am reminded who is REALLY still in charge. : )

i don’t think facebook is the cause, otherwise other users would be having similar issues. i haven’t heard of other users having similar issues. but maybe that’s ‘cos i only have less than 100 friends on facebook. maybe i don’t have enough friends to be knowledgeable about this!

matters of the ‘puter are difficult to diagnose for the most part. i hope it will give you some clues in its own way.

Golly, BD, I hope the computer guy at least non-fixed your sister’s non-virus. We don’t have Bell where I live, and the thing was, the little indicator on my screen always said I had an “excellent” connection. It wasn’t the modem or router or the connection itself, but what I choose to call “debris” in my machine. So far, my refreshed computer is responding well. {crosses fingers}

Thank you, Ian, it’s encouraging to have support and understanding. πŸ™‚

Poonam, you cracked me up! Still manage to waste time, do you? πŸ˜‰ Well, I’ve seen you on Twitter, and you post some very meaningful and provocative things! I agree with you about the page being cluttered. My relative doesn’t have many friends, but the wall looks like an attack of graffiti! πŸ˜€

Ah, and you have reminded me as well, seeing! I appreciate that. Sometimes I feel almost physically attached to this machine. {not that there’s anything wrong with that!—oh wait, is there?} πŸ˜• πŸ˜€

100 Facebook friends sounds like a lot to me, sulz! {Hey, you’re online again after your ‘puter refused to speak to you—yay!} I am trying to be patient with Facebook, still on a learning curve. Thanks for responding; I guess it really doesn’t make much sense that FB would invade my innocent computer! 😎

I am/was surprised at how bad the internet is in North America. But, if your computer goes shizz bang and a fluuuuurb – then something is slowing it down. I have no idea what broadband or dial up you are on, but in North America when the internet slows to a stop it is normally the ISP being crap – again.

If you use IE, clear cashe, cookies and history regularly, and do a scheduled clean up. Use Firefox and follow the instructions how to clear everything when you close the browser.

Make sure anti-virus is up to date and if you have windows before Vista, a nice firewall, zonealarm works well but there are others. With that you should be quite safe. But reg scans are all a part of windows, ‘cos it needs to do that.

Get facebook – you can be in my mafia then! LOL

Muse, my sister’s computer always showed there was nothing wrong with her internet too! The computer kept the money for his first ‘fix’ that didn’t work but never charged her for the second. I am sure he will give her a refund though when she tells him what the problem was. My brother-in-law went through the same thing as well.

I can’t remember the exact issue but I’ll ask her when I see her.

I can see ‘debris’ becoming a problem too! Glad it is all sorted out! Gosh, can’t imagine the ‘internets’ without a Muse! Can I panic now or later? hehe. πŸ˜‰

maybe you could get a Mac. πŸ™‚
Me loves my Mac. Three years. No virus…. EVER!
I use a browser called Camino now cuz I hate Firefox.

tah dahhhh. problemo solved. By a Mac. muah!

Yah, me too, Will. I use both IE & FFox, mostly the latter, and, I have done all the things you suggest. I’m starting to think I need more RAM, cause it gets clogged when I’m in a graphically rich environment. You makin’ me a FB offer I can’t refuse? πŸ˜‰

Really? Your sister’s always shown a good connection, BD? I have Comcast cable, and when I asked neighbors they said theirs was ok…Oh, you are sweet! Actually, I can’t imagine ME Muse without the Internets, either! πŸ™‚ Haha, don’t panic!

Ah, you Mac people, Jules! You are a different breed. See, we PC folks know we must suffer for our art, that’s the thing. You Macies live a life of ease, and, although you’re supposed to have all these creativity tools over there, how can you have fun and feel good, but still create? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that is annoyed by automatic updates. I swear if I come to work one day and see that my computer has restarted itself, from windows updates, as soon as I log in I get the ‘update available’ balloon again! I too like to be the one to tell it what to do and when, not this automatic stuff.

I thought Facebook was a little tricky at first to get used to. This could be because I am used to MySpace, but I’ve gotten used to it fairly quickly by just playing around with it. They’ve recently launched that takes away a lot of the extra menus and options, and truly is more light and simple.

What firewall do you use? If you don’t use ZoneAlarm, I highly recommend it.

Also, since you’ve wiped out your HD several times, why not switching to Linux? There are some nice distros that are very user friendly. Linux even has a nice Office suite called OpenOffice and it supports Word documents too. Just a thought.

BTW, I created a photo blog for my pics. If you want to see it, the URL is:


It drives me nuts, Shane. I was online in the dial-up era, and in those days, the computer wouldn’t just DO things automatically. And they give you these dire warnings, like my computer will be infested with the black plague unless I let them automatically update the nano-second something new comes out! Ah, that’s interesting about the new FB. I only look at it about once a week at the moment; I’ll have to see if I find it more user friendly—thanks! πŸ™‚ I just ordered some RAM from Crucial, which I learned about from you. I’m going from 512K to 1.5G. I think that should improve my gaming experience (and gaming is crucial to my life, haha!), and by the time I blow through that I’ll probably be ready for a new machine. It’ll be interesting to see where the Netbooks and new Windows OS and other things take us.

I was using ZoneAlarm until my last wipe, Juan. I liked it pretty well, actually. I’m experimenting with Online Armor at the moment. Not sure which one I like best. I kind of forgot about Linux. Thanks for the reminder. I’d had some interest in it but was a bit intimidated by the learning curve. I have experienced Open Office; in fact I use their PowerPoint clone as I don’t have that. I believe Linux has an interface or machiney-thingy (technical term) πŸ˜‰ that would enable me to play older games that won’t work on XP? Hmmm. Something to consider. Oh boy! Going to look at pics right now! πŸ™‚

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