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Remembering Unity; Forgetting Divisiveness

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On Thursday evening I attended an event in conjunction with World Day of Unity. My local event was held in a large sanctuary with all the known flags of the world posted around the room:


There were several different spiritual groups there, plus secular leaders. Several participants shared readings, and the Bahá’í Singers sang. The theme this year was “Reach In; Reach Out“.  The stated objectives were these:

We’re uniting as a world community. Any action—big or small—can make a difference.

Reach in. What will you do? Now’s the time to reach in through prayer & meditation and let Spirit guide you.

Reach out. Share your intention with the world.

We can change the world. Work on your Spiritual Action Plan, update us on how you’re putting your plan into action, and your results.

In my community, this event also acknowledges the 8th anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001. This anniversary has always been poignant and deeply emotional for me, as I reported in my post from last year on this date. What’s different for me, and many I have observed, is that the immediacy of the feelings are dissipating. I think that is a good thing. It may seem callous to some to overhear comments like “Oh, yeah, 9/11 anniversary again. Almost forgot about it.” This doesn’t bother me. I think it is helpful to move on. We live in interesting and potent, changing times, and I believe the 9/11 events initiated a course change in consciousness. The shock and amazement woke up a part of us that is working towards real, essential change, mostly in positive ways, in spite of how it looks sometimes.

A phrase that is still chanted, often, is “Never forget; never forget.” This is not from people remembering 9/11, but the Holocaust of World War II. People say similar things about 9/11, though. I think it’s time, not to forget, exactly, but to move on, with feelings of peace, instead of anger and fear. So, the seeming apathy in some is, I believe a natural progression towards integrating the lessons in consciousness learned from the events, and hopefully implementing a plan of personal peace. This is the meaning I give the celebration I attended, and I am pleased to follow the three steps outlined there.

Reach in: I take this seriously, and I am meditating on the essences of unity and peace this week. I don’t normally engage in prayer, but meditation is something I can and will do.

Reach out: At the end of the week, I trust I will know what it is I want to tell the world about this. I’ll tell those I know, and share it here on the blog.

I’m not sure about Step Three. I don’t see the World as a “place” which needs “change”. It is what it is; we can, however initiate change within ourselves; we are seeds of the world. I’m also not at all sure that “action” is the way to change anything; I think action is the result of change, not the cause of it. But, in the spirit of the exercise, I’ll certainly share, if not “results”, then “observances”.

For those contemplating the meaning of life on this day, and in these times, I offer support, and thanks.

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