Pirate talk at the new year

Posted on September 19, 2009. Filed under: Culture, Games, Health |

Here’s what I’m doing to celebrate “Talk Like a Pirate Day” (in addition to uttering the occasional “Arrrr. Ahoy there, matey!”).

Playing this game. It’s the most adorable Pirate game I ever did play. And it’s a great, rollicking adventure, too! Get it free, here. And, say hello to Nelly for me, ye Spoonbeaks!

If you’re up for another (possibly) Pirate adventure (other than Monkey Island) try this great game, which may or may not have Pirates in it. Depending upon your choices. Really! (Link is to Deirdra’s games page; scroll down to “The Game That Takes Place On A Cruise Ship“.)

For those celebrating the New Year season, here’s a greeting I got from a family member I thought was especially nice. (It’s belated Happy New Year to you now, but still worth saying:)   HAPPY NEW YEAR, MATEYS!!!

May you enjoy your apples and honey

May you carry your loads with ease amid sweetness

May you learn and teach well.

May you move with as much joy and ease as you can

May your home be filled with fresh air and light

May you be startled and delighted by new beginnings

and hear beautiful music.

Have a happy and healthy 5770!
שנה טובה
ומלאת כל טוב


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6 Responses to “Pirate talk at the new year”

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Hey, Me Matey. Being a landlubber, I had no idea it was talk like a pirate day. I’ll have to go get me some grog and grub. 🙂

I know…I am so lame.

Am pretty much a landlubber myself like BD, mate! 🙂

Aaaargh! Can’t believe I missed it. Always enjoy Talk Like a Pirate Day. Thanks for letting me celebrate anyway…even if i am a bit tardy, me hearty. And happy 5770 to you too! Love new beginnings, as I see every new year to be. May this be a glorious year for us all.

Happy New Year! Mused. Check me out… I even received a little beanie to wear on Rosh Hashanah. Gave it back mistakenly not knowing it was a gift. 😦

Oh well, you win some you lose some.

May you have sweet and fruitful coming year.

Too deep for me mate.
But if you’re a practicing Jew,
you’re the best, and most tolerant I’ve ever met.
Happy New Year!

Not at all, BD—three cheers, matey, for the effort! 😉 😀

Well, me too, actually Apar. —Hey, if you take the “p” out of your name, it’s Aar! TeeHee. 😉

Tardy is fine, RA, as long as we git th’ booty in the end. {groan} Thanks for good wishes! This is already being an awesome year, whenever it starts!

Ooh, I’ve been away for a bit, Jules, so I dashed over to read your post. Um, beanie?—I know, “yarmulke” can be a bit hard to spell for you goyim, haha. 😉 But, you spelled it correctly and explained the symbolism very well on your blog. Yay! Thanks for the wonderful wishes!

Pirate talk is deep, poch? Well, the ocean is deep, and that’s where they abide, yaaar! 😉 I’m actually a non-practicing non-Jew, but many family members are Jewish, both of the religious and non- variety. Thanks for the compliment! My family’s pretty tolerant, too.

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