“Climate Change” is B.A.D. (?)

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“B.A.D.” stands for “Blog Action Day”, an interesting acronym, considering…

Is there a global crisis? Or just a global point of interest?

I’ve been blogging now for two and one-fourth years, and in that time I’ve had the opportunity and joy to participate in two previous Blog Action Days. The event takes place on October 15th each year. My 2007 post, on “Environment” is here, with a follow-up here; and the 2008 post, which was supposed to be on “Poverty”, but I changed to “Plenty” can be found here, and its own follow-up here.

I fully realize that these “action” days are meant to focus on “activism”. I’m happy to participate with other bloggers writing about the same topic on the same day. There’s something inspiring about that! I salute those who are seeing a way to bring good into the world, and are sharing that with the rest of us.

I just feel, this year, more than previously, that there is a built-in bias in the position taken on “Climate Change” by the organizers and sponsors, namely, that “Climate Change” (at least they’re not using the term “Global Warming”) is human-caused; we are not-nice people for causing this, and that it will naturally spell disaster for our lovely blue planet, unless we act, now!

This is backwards thinking, to me. I would much rather imagine the planet as whole, and functional. I would rather do all I can, as an individual, to live gently on our beautiful home, but trust her to take care of herself. There may be what many perceive to be a crisis, but often in human history, a crisis brings out new and innovative technology and philosophy. I believe that’s entirely possible now.

As a person who likes to look for the best in any situation, I have been accused of putting my head in the sand. This is not necessarily a “bad” thing. I believe it does no good to run around saying “Oh, my! This is terrible! We’re all going to die!!!” For one thing, we are, actually, all going to die. I’ve heard of very few exceptions to that, and those have not been personally verified by me. So, it’s not a question of the fact of our deaths, but WHEN and HOW. If we do our best to live our truths, and to act as examples to others, there is no need to accuse others of “ruining” the planet. We’ll just naturally do what is right.

I’m not in denial about the changing conditions on the world. The polar ice caps do indeed seem to be melting. There is concern about many issues related to this. I’m not, though, entirely convinced that this is a result of human intervention primarily, or that this may not actually be a natural cycle that, in the end, will do the word some good.

Here is one alternative point of view:

GLOBAL WARMING: A Boon to Humans and Other Animals

Now, please believe that I don’t “buy” this article any more than I do the “doom and gloom” conclusions. I am not an environmental scientist; I have not studied this extensively. I do think the article makes some excellent points, and is an interesting read.

We don’t actually KNOW what Climate Change will bring. It may be time for the human species to undergo a change. We tend to resist change, yet change is constant. I find it an exciting prospect to imagine what kinds of innovations will result from our interaction with our earthly reality.

Climate Change *may* be GOOD news. We’ll just have to see. May the world, and all her inhabitants, be blessed today.


***More good news about the environment can be found here.


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6 Responses to ““Climate Change” is B.A.D. (?)”

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That sounds like an eternal optimist. πŸ™‚ Yet we can do our bits to avoid things that cause visible harm to the environment. Granted alone it makes little difference.

Like you, I too have participated in past two Blog Action Days and this is the third one. πŸ™‚

Yes, we are old hands at this now, Poonam! I will come and see your post. I agree we can do what we feel in our hearts will benefit us and our environment. πŸ™‚

Coincidence…was reading this the other day http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/8299079.stm

Thank you so much for the link to the BBC article, Apar! It is a wonderful addition to this post. I do believe there are climate issues, but, I also think it’s prudent to examine “the bandwagon” before jumping on. It’s always exciting to unite for a cause; I’m only asking for a bit of investigation first, and you have contributed to that! πŸ™‚

Climate Change is an interesting topic. I don’t necessarily believe the claims that it is going to be the end of humanity, or any of those type of predictions as thought and pushed by those that believe that we need a cap and trade system. I think the claims are over exaggerated, especially when there were thousands of scientists that have denied that it is happening. But I do believe we need to watch emissions, if for anything, so that the air doesn’t become hazy as it is in some major cities. It makes me think of a video that has been being pushed in public schools, where the narrator makes the claim that something crazy like over 80% of the world’s forests have been logged over the past century or so. Yet they don’t go as far as to say what percentage was replanted, or even logged and replanted multiple times.

You could be absolutely right, maybe if climate change is actually happening, it’s possible that it could be a good thing. And it could be a complete natural thing as well.

Excellent post Muse πŸ™‚

Well, certainly belching fumes into the air is probably not good for any of us, Shane. But climate change is one of those really sensitive issues. I hope we are someday able to sort out all the information and misinformation. Thank you for catching up with my posts! πŸ™‚

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