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“Eternal” — a religious or physical concept?

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Day three of my twelve days of solstice-into-new year meditations contains a quality of the day, and also a gift I’d like to receive for the day:

Day THREE: The Quality of the Eternal; the Gift of Light.

“Eternal Existence” seems, at first to be a religious term. Some (not all) religions offer hope of a continued or new life after this physical one is over. In addition to heaven, if we’re “good”, we may be able to reincarnate, or, just continue on loving and learning but on a higher, non-physical plane. I’m not sure which, if any, of these beliefs I follow, but I’m open to any of them. I cannot bring myself to declare “this is the way it is” and feel that I believe or know a system to be true. I really just don’t know. So, I pick the beliefs I like the best. As some spiritual practitioners say, “we manifest what we think” or as some physicists would say, “results come into being only when we observe them”, I think what we believe or declare DOES matter, and enables us to see the world as we would have it—if only we learn how to use our gifts.

And speaking (writing) of gifts, the “gift of the day” in my meditation series is “Light shining through”! Light, it may be observed, is the most refined of the vibratory waves constantly moving through the universe. We observe it every day the sun shines. Think of all those waves of sunlight reaching us on the earth! And the light is substantial; some researchers say it has weight. When I first learned that the weight of the sunlight on the earth was two pounds per one square mile, I was astonished! We can’t feel it, other than as heat; how can we possibly weight it? But, scientists argue amongst themselves about this. 😉 So, if I take in light, comprising some of the most basic building blocks of matter; do I shine light as well?  This picture would seem to indicate that dogs do, at least. 🙂 But when I think of how the sunlight is life-giving, and necessary to our existence, I ask myself what can I say and do that is most beneficial to my fellow beings.

May your light so shine, today.

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