Thoughts become ideas, which become substance!

Posted on December 24, 2009. Filed under: Health, Musings, Philosophy, Spirituality |

It’s Day four of my twelve day delve into the qualities and gifts of the season! (See my December 21st post for the concept.)

Day FOUR: The Quality of Ideas; the Gift of Lofty Thoughts.

If ideas really do create substance, I’ve been having some pretty strange ideas, lately. I’ve been having this weird physical thing (although getting better) where the whole world spins at a different speed than I do… 😕 And I have ONE computer, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d better stop playing games on it. Games on my PC do not play well with Internet activities. 😦 At some point, I might get a new computer, and use this one I’m typing on just for games. And, my word processing files are melting! But, I digress. My computer has been out of synch with its own reality, which helped to cause yesterday’s post to be late. Today, I shall intend to examine original thoughts, and see where they want to go. I’ll be attending a holiday gathering this evening, and I’m looking forward to the distraction from computers, and work, and things.

The “gift of the day” in my meditation series is “Lofty Thoughts”! What does THAT mean? To me, it means I can choose to think about all the stuff going wrong in my life, or the world, or at work…OR I can choose to think about the good I experience everyday. These thoughts are “lofty” as they enable us to perpetrate them. The more I think of the good things in life, the more good things there are to think about. Really! I think!?!

Good thoughts to you today.


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