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A sense of Peace; a way towards Balance

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I’m on Day seven of my daily posts for twelve days in a row. I think I may make it to the end! 🙂 Today’s topics come up at just the right time.

Day SEVEN: The Quality of Peace in all things; the Gift of Balance.

I’m one of those folks that…doesn’t really like to deal with Christmas very much—neither the pagan nor the Christian aspects. I don’t really understand the idea of a secular Christmas, either, but some of my countrypeople apparently do. I have a wreath on the door, a very small tree inside, and, for the month of December, I generally change the centerpiece on my coffee table from stones and a rustic candle to a red candle, pinecones and bells. That is the extent of my decoration, and it takes about, oh, 15 minutes! I’m fortunate that I have friends who invite me to gatherings at this time of year. I live far from family, and prefer not to travel during the holidays. I never reciprocate, but my nice friends invite me anyway. 🙂 At least I bring things to them. I brought Belgian chocolates to the Christmas Day hosts, and *onions to the Christmas Eve friends!

A comment is heard every year, and not just from me: “The decorations in shops start earlier and earlier!” It was October 17th this year when a large store nearby began to sell both Halloween and Christmas items at the same time. One isle had orange and black, the next red and green! I sort of gritted my teeth and saif to myself, “OK, the countdown has started. It won’t get (relatively) normal again until January 2nd.

Even though I do celebrate spiritually (in my own way) and culturally with my friends, I find the whole season somewhat overhyped, and I have a tendency towards depression during it. What gets me through is taking what I like from the season, and breathing through the rest. This gives me a sense of peace, which is a welcome quality to meditate upon today.

It also allows me to receive the gift of balance. I can have some celebratory time and some quiet time. Some cheer and some reflection. Some admiration of over-the-top decorating, and then coming home to my own simple efforts. I take the gift of balance with me as I do some work today (leading a discussion group, and meeting with a financial advisor), and then, going to dinner with some of those good friends I mentioned. I am grateful for them, and for you.

May peace and balance bless your journey this day.

* Onions? As a hosts gift? This was my contribution to the amazing taco and tamale feast our hosts prepared. It is a tradition with them, and one I’m pleased to support. Last year I brought tomatoes. This year, I cried a few tears during prep., which may have accounted for some of my mood!
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