NewBorn; New Year.

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I made it! I made it! I posted twelve days in a row, and I mediated and shared about twelve qualities, and twelve gifts, as I said I planned to in my first post in this series on 21 December! Yay! W00t!  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL PLANETARY BEINGS!  {and anyone else happening to read here!}  😀

I had a wonderful time on New Year’s Day. I went hiking, as is my custom, and my companion and I saw some wonderful ruins of an old Native American tribe, the Hohokam, and of an old plantation ranch house which co-occupied the land. Both groups were subject to raid by the Apaches, and the land has been long abandoned, but fortunately preserved.

Here are the last Quality and the last Gift in this series celebrating the twelve days of Solstice:

Day TWELVE: The Quality of Forgiveness; the Gift of Renewal.

Oh, my Forgiveness. The designers of the series would wait until the last day for that one! 😉 I think they knew what they were doing, though, because, honestly, the last eleven days of contemplation have prepared me for this. I am finally, finally, able to let go of many of the “grudges” I’ve held for years. I realize that everyone, always, is doing the best they can, with the resources they have. There are no excuses, only letting go. The gift of Renewal, then, is one I can actually accept! I do feel renewed today, even though “New Year’s Day” is just, in many ways, another day on the calendar; it’s only turning over a new page. I believe we can make our own rituals, and they can be as meaningful, or not, as we choose.

On New Year’s Eve, I usually attend a “Burning Bowl” celebration in which we symbolically (and literally) “burn” what we want to let go of from the previous year. We write it down, and then, one-by-one, we cast our papers into the fire! Very dramatic!  Then, we get to write down what we DO want in our lives during the next year. We seal it up in an envelope, and those are mailed to us mid-year so we can see how we’re doing. I like that part. There’s music, and mediation, and readings as well.

On the way home, I saw fireworks bursting forth from two of the large hotels, as part of their celebrations. Our event ended just after midnight, so I was out on the road in time to see them. Very nice. It was also a full moon; the “Blue Moon” as it happens, and the sky looked something like this:

I was particularly moved by one of the readings at the event, so I thought I’d share the poem with you. It expresses, beautifully, how I experience life. Enjoy, and the best to you in 2010!!!

by James Dillet Freeman

Eternity is now
And I am one day old.
Newborn this newborn morning
Lusty, joyous, bold!

Yet older than forever–
Before there was a sun
Or earth, I was myself,
Before time had begun.

I am the buds of spring
And early morning dew
And dawn with cocks crowing,
Forever old and new.

For youth and age together
Are intermixed in me,
Who live but in the moment
Yet have eternity.

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7 Responses to “NewBorn; New Year.”

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Oh, Muse! I missed out on all your wonderful posts. But in a way I am glad. That way I didn’t have to wait each day for the next, I got it all in one day!

What a New Years Day you had. That would be like a dream to me. You know, I really have to get out and do those things. I always wonder how you can find all these wonderful things to do and thought how awesome it must be in Arizona. But I am sure these things are around here too. I just have to get out there and find them! Mind you it is cold as all get out here and I am content to hibernate right now. 😉

Thank you for posting this. I wish you all the best in the year ahead. Oh, the photo with the dog…cute!

I DO like the poem. Thank you for sharing. I am wanting to be more thoughtful and experience more poetry this year.

Yes, I am late but Happy New Year any way. The weather here in Scotland hasn’t been conducive to blogging of late!

Happy New Year Muse!!! Sorry for my absence in 2009. So much happened and I wanted to blog about it but there was just no time, when I had time, I was feeling too dejected to write anything. Well I’m looking forward to this year, 2009 was a very challenging year for me. I hope you had a better one though.

I love the poem, and misssed reading your posts so much. I wish you a very prosperous 2010. I hope you’ll be coming here to South Africa for the FIFA World Cup in June/July. Much luv Muse 😉

Oh, thank you, BD! I know you have had a lot going on. Goodness! You read all these in one sitting? 😯 That’s dedication! 🙂 Well, you live near a larger city than I do…so you should be able to find these things, too. 😉 I like that doggy-light-picture, it cracks me up! 😀

I’m glad, Care. And thanks again for perusing all these. I like a lot of poetry; some of it bemuses me. This one really spoke to me, though, particularly at New Year time.

Stoney! Hello, old friend. I’ve read about all the exciting weather you are having. 😕 We are remarkably balmy, even for us—but you don’t want to know about that. 😉 A very Happy New Year to you and your family!

I do know you had a lot going on last year, Tazzy. Thanks for dropping by; I’ve been wondering how you are. Glad you liked the poem, too, as you are quite the wordsmith. I”m sorry you were feeling so low, and I will send my best good thoughts to you for a better 2010. I would LOVE to come to South Africa! I don’t think that will happen anytime soon, but I’m glad to think of you there. ♥

Oh Muse, I just saw the your naughty joke lol.
Remember your New Year’s mail to me asking pardon
for blogging absence?
Now I wonder why you did that.
Anyway, I’m glad you had a wonderful NY’s eve.

You mean the cute puppy, poch? 😉 Taking a little break to regroup. I have some new ideas for the blog.

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