Healing ≠ Recovery

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We tend to believe that the word “healing” means “recovery” from illness or injury. This need not be the case. I’ve been led, lately, to contemplate our concept of healing. As far as I can tell, the common, default view is: either one is sick, or one is well. If one is sick (or injured) the goal is to get as well as one can as soon as possible. In most cases, I would agree that this is the most desirable outcome. But, I would not be quick to dismiss illness merely as “something to be got over” without looking at its greater ramifications.

I had been used to posting here, in my beloved blog, several times a week. Lately, this has not been the case, and I regret I have lost some companionship because of that. I started this year by falling *splat* on my face, whilst crossing the street to fetch the mail. (Not from skiing in Aspen, as I would have preferred to tell people.) 🙂 I am still, seven weeks later, recovering from those injuries. My poor right knee will never be the same. It has turned funny colors, and mocks me when I bathe. I’m not sure how I’ll react to “shorts season” this summer; I’m not much for shorts anyway, though.

Then, about two weeks ago, I contracted a nasty bit of stomach flu, (NOT the dreaded virus you hear about in the news, and I’m not contagious on the blog here, so you can keep reading!) one symptom of which allowed me to become nauseous just LOOKING at the computer monitor—much as I felt while watching Avatar in 3-D. Hmmm.

My first reaction, when having experiences such as this, is to ask what their message is for me. For instance, with the fall, I examined the street I’d crossed hundreds of times before, and found no new ruts or unusual bumps. My question: How, or to what, am I not paying attention? With the flu-ish-thingy, I asked “What am I holding onto that really ought to be expelled?” (This could be physical things, ideas, or even people!) The questions, and the answers will be different for each of us, and, for me, will come before or after meditation.

During all the healing involved I’ve managed to slow down. Really. How many times have we heard that “illness is signal that the body and spirit need some rest” or some such phrase? I’m learning more and more to listen to the wisdom of that. Generally, I spend more time in front of the computer monitor than with any other object, even loved ones (or the mirror) 🙂 and feeling worse when looking at the screen has been rather disconcerting.

On the other hand, when I have “gone online” recently (Where do I really go when I go online?) I’ve made judicious use of my time, and I’ve had some wonderful, serendipitous and even startling experiences. (Report coming up in the next post!) I’d learned some time ago not to “fight” illness. I don’t want to fight anything, really. During the past couple of weeks, I’ve spent hours reading books instead of typing here or visiting virtual worlds. And found, once again, that spending time reading, in my favorite chair by the window with the view of the mountains, helped me along in a way that mere “information” could not.

On the other hand (How many hands do I have at this point?) I’m obtaining the idea, from some of that reading, that what we are, really, is information itself. Our bodies are simply receptors for that information. What do you think of that?

It is very tempting, particularly amongst the people I spend time with, to either “feel sorry” for someone who is ill, or, conversely “blame” them, because if they were aligned properly with their creative source, the illness would not happen. I used to sort of believe that last, and perhaps still do, a little, but I’ve become more able to look for the “gift” in any situation, even when not immediately apparent. There are reasons the body does what it does, and they all go back to decisions we make along the way. None of us set out to “get” an illness, or injury, but if we can look upon such events as situations rather than annoyances, we might be able to get through them easier.

Next time: Serendipitous Synchronistic Random Excitement!

(image from University of Canberra)

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10 Responses to “Healing ≠ Recovery”

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and I’m not contagious

Well, you are indeed contagious to get me here on your page. 🙂

(anyway it doesn’t matter for me, even you are in my real world and I am sitting beside you, I don’t care)

As far as your experience concern(how was it by the way? falling and then getting flue d ??), I personally believe that situation are design for you to check your reaction. To make you learn.

Keep blogging as far as it doesn’t hurt you.

and of course Keep Smiling.

I would like to think that illness is just nature’s way of forcing us to rest. Disease simply just dis- ease meaning not at ease. I hope you fully recover Muse. Convalescence is a joy after illness 🙂

when i’m healthy but stressed, sometimes i wish i’d fall sick just so i have a valid reason to rest. but when i do fall sick, it’s the kind that made you wish you never wished to be sick! the kind that makes you stay up all night feeling nauseous and weak. then i couldn’t wait to get well again so that i can enjoy food and not feel so weak! then the next time i get stressed the cycle begins again.

but i think when you do fall sick it’s good in a way. like how arguments are healthy between two people when it’s an occasional thing, illnesses remind us not to take our health for granted. it’s like our body is having a fight with us, lol.

Like Sulz, when stressed, I tend to fall sick more! I sometimes wanna fall sick just so I can be pampered 😉 Though I must say what you have typed in does make sense – our bodies are receptors to all kinds of information! 🙂

((((hugs)))) to you, Muse. I haven’t been able to spend much time on-line lately either and have found the time to purge laods of my belongings, read, do beadwork and organize my ‘den.’
I found I really can do with out being on the internet. (If I had to, not that I want to) 😉
Luckily, I did not have to get sick to do so.

I am so sorry that you have been hurt and then getting the flu on top of it.My Mom always says the same thing you did. (It is your body telling you something.)

Thank you, Makk, and welcome. It’s nice to know that even a word like “contagious” has its positive aspects. 🙂 Falling was weird. At first, I hoped the neighbors didn’t see me, because I was embarassed. Then, I was mad because none of the neighbors came out to help me! Quite contrarian, but interesting to observe. The flu was, well…the flu. Unpeasant, but VERY restful.

Ah, yes, Dis-ease, poch. It’s good to be reminded of that. Thanks, I am getting much better, and now can read your comment without feeling sick! 😀

I know you’ve been having some health issues yourself, sulz, and in your case they are ongoing. 😦 I know what you mean about how stress and illness can be a good thing—I think mild illness can help strenghthen our immune systems, for instance. As for needing an excuse to slow down and rest, I hope this will remind both of us to take the time before it gets to that point. I know that can be harder when we have commintments. I hope you are finding relief, too! 🙂

Thanks, Apar! It is nice to have an excuse to be taken care of, isn’t it? In my case I don’t really like being pampered; I tend to get grumpy. But, most people I know do like it. I’ll have more to say about “information” very soon. Stay tuned! 😉

Oh, BD, those hugs came along at a good time, yay! Back atcha! Well I could get along without the Internet, I guess {{heart rate going up; panic starting to set in—calm down; it’s OK, we just talking about it}} but wow, it has become such a large part of life these days. I wouldn’t know YOU without, and my life has been greatly enhanced thereby. ♥

tell me any word which is not having positive aspect..:)

Can’t think of one. You are certainly dipping into my blog, Makk. Thanks for the attention!

Just stoping by to say hi. I like the idea of being a receptor of information. Learning new things is such a great joy to me. I just wish I could remember what I learn.

joan! Thanks so much for dropping by; I’ve missed your wit, but know how busy you are! Maybe if you learn a thing three times, you’ll remember? 🙂

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