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Morning Symphony

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I’ve been keeping various hours for various reasons lately. For one thing, work slows down in the summer, and I’m not out as much as I can be at other times. Generally, unless I have a morning meeting, I’m quite capable of staying in bed until 9:30 or so. (Honestly, there are a couple of days a week I could stay in bed all day if I chose, but one does want to think one has a life!) 😉

Tell that to animals, wild and domestic, that live near me, however! Let’s say I’ve gone to bed around 2 a.m. I’d naturally want to be left alone until at least 9, but it is not to be. At around 5:30 it begins. First up are what I call “The Twitterers” (and I don’t mean those who tweet on Twitter), nasty sweet little birds of several species who think it’s a fine idea to chirp the world into being each day.

After that, there are always one or two quail willing to contribute their opinion. Have you heard a desert quail‘s call? It’s just the most appalling melodious sound, kind of a combination of a duck and a goose and a loon.

I’m just nodding off after this, when My Neighbor’s Dog is let out in the morning, promptly at 6! There is probably higher-level neural processing than this going on, but this is what I imagine him to be thinking:

Janice just let me out into the backyard! This is the most exciting thing that’s happened, ever! (OK, since yesterday afternoon) I must bark for three minutes to celebrate! {5 minute pause; I’m nodding off again} Look! There is a bird! I must bark at it! {another pause} Look! it’s a lizard! I must bark at it! {yet another pause} Look, a rock! (A rock in a suburban desert garden is as common as a grain of sand on the beach, so you see it doesn’t take much.)

The dog gets let back in around 6:30, so I can sleep for another couple of hours, right? …Not quite. This doesn’t happen every day, but often enough: The tale of the woodpecker and the chimney. After that, I’m pretty much awake, or if not, a neighbor has chosen the coolest time of day to use his electric hedge clippers, or they’re cleaning up a construction site down the road and the trucks are intermittently making those back-up noises. In the meantime, the intense summer sun hits the wall of my sleeping room. I have the blinds drawn, but still! All of the above occurred this morning; in fact the woodpecker started up even before the dog!

So, you ask, why don’t I just go to bed earlier, the way my sensible neighbors do? I have tried. Really. But I am a creature of the night; I’m alert, then, and I even do much of my best work in the wee hours.

Lately, I’ve mastered the art of the afternoon nap, when necessary. As long as I don’t have meetings then, it’s a good sleep time for me. Siesta revisited. There are studies indicating that power naps make one more alert and focused. I like the word “power” in the title; makes me feel as if I’m doing something vital and productive, as opposed to a name like…”lazy sloth nap”, for instance.  I’ll leave you with this well-known situation.

As for me; I’ll see you later; it’s time for my nap. 😀

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