An update on Amy the Artist

Posted on September 20, 2010. Filed under: Culture, Health, Music, Musings |

NaBloPoMo September

Another “Art Month” post here; this time a reference to an earlier post about a rather extraordinary relationship I’ve established.  The “update” part of this update is:  Recently the organization I mention int he original post started up rehearsals again after being off for the summer. I have no idea what Amy did all summer; she didn’t discuss it with me. When she walked into the room on that first night, though, an amazing thing happened. She allowed me to hug her! I never had done in the years we have known each other. A few years ago, when she told me her mother had just died, I patted her shoulder, and she recoiled as if my hand were a hot poker. So I have kept my distance. But, the group is a huggy crowd–at least after not having seen each other for a while–and I’d already exchanged a few with other members. When I saw Amy, I just spontaneously began to put my arm around her, and she hugged me back. It was quick, and hesitant, but it did indeed take place. 🙂


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