I don’t know and I don’t care.

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I saw this joke somewhere on WordPress recently:

“There are 10 kinds of people in the world: those who know binary, and those who don’t.”

And this one:

“A professor responds to an incorrect answer from a student: ‘Are you ignorant, or are you just apathetic?’ The student replies ‘I don’t know and I don’t care.'”

I have to wonder why I think the above two are hilarious. I realize that not everyone reading this will share my opinion. I think I like humor with a little “twist” to it. Of course, all humor relies on surprise in order to get a reaction or laugh. These two jokes have that. But they also cause me to think. They’re not immediately obvious. I had to consider the punchline for several nanoseconds before I got it, in these. I realize I enjoy cleverness, pun, and using my native English language in a compelling way.

There is all kinds of humor, geared to almost any kind of demographic we can think of. I tried doing a little research for this topic, but only got as far as a) rather simplistic dictionary definitions; or b) long essays, theses, or dissertations on the scholarly analysis of humor. Neither of these did much for me. I wanted a little more insight than the dictionary gave me, but over-analysing humor leaves me cold…brrrr!

I’ll just have to ask myself, and answer myself. Maybe I’ll get some good insight that way!

One thing I did read is that humor comes out of pain (or humiliation, loss, misfortune, or any of many other so called “negative” experiences). In fact, nearly every source mentions this. The problem with definitive, declarative, perhaps self-congratulatory statements like that is they tend to become an accepted part of cultural reality which then defies people to oppose them.

I think much humor does come from using past unhappy experiences to try to allow ourselves to feel better. In fact, much of stand-up comedy I’ve seen revolves around such themes as “I was such a dorky kid…”, or “My neighbors or my family are such idiots…” This can relieve stress, I suppose, but that sort of humor doesn’t ultimately feel uplifting, long term, to me.

I’m more of a “dry wit” or “goofy, off-center” fan. I think that Monty Python‘s “Ministry of Silly Walks” sketch is just the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I still nearly fall off my chair when it comes ’round. But, people I care deeply about will roll their eyes at the mere mention of Python. Why is that?

Humor is a form of Energy Therapy, just like Emotional Freedom Techniques, or massage, or deep breathing. Careers have been made on this claim (see here, and here, for instance). Authentic laughter releases energy blocks, and restores well-being. It’s highly individualized, though. Each of us has their “funny bone” in a different location.  Dr. Norman Cousins says, “Find a way to laugh. Find what makes you laugh. Do what it takes, and you CAN heal.

I may not Know—but I do, in fact, Care.

“…so, this blogger walks into a bar…”

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Lessons I will learn, someday…How ’bout today, please?

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Lesson #1 – Do not wait ’til the day you are to deliver a report to edit and print that report. I did that today, and I sure was sorry. When things get busy, sometimes they get put on the back burner–but, they can catch fire back there, since I’m not watching. Which brings me to

Lesson #2 – Do not respond emotionally when under stress from #1, above. I don’t always appreciate who I am when I have too many “irons in the fire”. Interesting expression, that. After I wrote it, I imagined it must be a blacksmithing term, and found that though there are a couple other definitions, the major one seems to involve having more metal pieces ready to be hammered than the blacksmith can deal with at one time. This is considered a mis-use of resources. So I mis-use my resources when I’m in a rush, feeling pressure, or have procrastinated. This is fine, as I have remedies for all these things. There’s my energy therapy, or vocal toning, or even taking a few deep breaths and asking myself if I am in a calm, comfortable connected place. But, here’s

Lesson #3 – Learn to be aware when it’s time to apply a tool or remedy. This is a challenge I have yet to overcome. I’m perfectly able to use my tools, and get to a better feeling place, except…when I forget! I think stressful situations can bring up old programming in the biocomputer, and part of that programming is “coping” in old ways, which may or may not have been useful at the time they were initiated, but were really invented for a person who’s some years younger than the current Me.

Lesson #4 – Be gentle with oneself. One of the hardest things, sometimes, is allowing myself human error. Notice I say “error” not “wrongness”, or “badness”. I’m quite capable of making an error in judgment. The error is apparent when the thought or action does not bring me uplifting results. This is part of the condition of being human, I think, but the challenge is in telling myself, “OK, I’ve just seen an example of how I don’t want to be in life. Now, I can identify the qualities I AM seeking”.

Lesson #5 – Alright, maybe I haven’t been completely pleased by my recent thoughts and actions, but I can let them be, until I’ve integrated my new learning. When I can, it literally realigns the universe, which then supports me and others who’ve intersected my energy field. Actually the support is always there, it’s just when I choose to believe the lie that I am less than worthy that I cut myself off from it.

Lesson #6 – What I think of others is none of their business–or mine! In my previous post, I mentioned a book title I liked: What You Think of Me is None of My Business. I’m discovering it works the other way around–imagine that! When I believe I know the answer to how someone else “should” behave, I’m really just succumbing to a less than optimal state of functionality. This does the world, and me, no good, and I’d prefer to weigh in on the side of good.

Enough lessons for one day. I’m off to meditate, tone, and regain my equilibrium. Peace.

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Over and Over again

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I think it’s a good thing that words of wisdom from my favorite spiritual teachers roll around in my head. It can get a little irritating at times, as when I can’t get “that song” out of my head, but these are phrases and advice I’ve chosen to think are important and useful. Here are a few of them:

“Don’t take it personally”. –Don Miguel Ruiz

At first, I balked at this one. After all, how can I not take virtually everything personally, as it is ME who is experiencing the feedback of my world. However, if I turn this around, just a bit, I get “You don’t have to take it personally”. Many have said that opinions about one, voiced by others, are really about them. Those opinions have nothing to do with us at all, other than giving us opportunities to look at the patterns we have in place.

I have a friend, who, when she first sees me coming, asks me how I am. So far, so good. I generally answer “Good”; “Splendid”; “Very Well”; or some such thing. Again, so far, so good. But then, she’ll sometimes say “Really?, you don’t look that great!” Arrrrrh. It took me a long time to work on that one. She’s told me that she’s just concerned about me. She “reads” me, she says, and my “energy” doesn’t always match what I’m saying. This may or may not be true, but it brings me to my next phrase:

“What You Think of Me is None of My Business” –Terry Cole Whittaker

This is actually the title of one of Dr. Wittaker’s many books, and gets my vote for the best book title ever. It plays right into my friend’s comments. Whatever her concern is, whether she is right, that I’m “lying” about how I feel, it’s still none of her business, unless I invite her comments by telling her I want to talk about the conditions in my life. It just doesn’t feel like an appropriate or helpful greeting to be told I don’t look so good! Also, whatever way I’m feeling, I’m making a serious attempt at feeling better by affirming I am well–in fact I’m always doing this.

“Talking about your problems; arguing for them, keeps you in them”. –Abraham, by way of Esther Hicks

So, I talk about how I want to feel. When I think of it, why would I not always want to talk about how I want to feel? If I do, I will actually start to align with those feelings more often than not. As I write this, I’m seeing that I’m still a bit sensitive and defensive about my friend’s remarks. Believe me, I’ve done a great deal of work on this issue in my life, including many sessions with my favorite energy therapy (see “Health” topic), and even telling my friend I don’t want to hear this from her.

“You create your own reality”. –Seth, through Jane Roberts

Well, if that’s true–and the more I investigate this, the more I believe it–then I have allowed myself to be open to my friend as teacher, and my resolution of these issues in my being, as part of my reality. And the learning is powerful, and useful.

“There is no “there” out there. –Fred Alan Wolf

This, from a quantum physicist, postulates that not only can a physics experiment change when observed (the “observer effect”), but that there is actually nothing “out there”, outside of our own perceptions. Literally, you, reading this, do not exist, if I am not here to blog this at you! Wow, I’m pretty powerful! But, then, nothing you experience “really” exists outside yourself, either, from this perspective.

“The basis of your life is freedom, the purpose of your life is joy” –Abraham, again

This can be hard to take sometimes, particularly if we’re observing the world around us. But all the other teachings listed here remind me that I am free to observe what I will, and take what action I will. I can always take action that moves me closer to joy, and in so doing, raise the joy-factor around me a little. That’s the best, purest, most helpful action I can take. And it’s important not to act (so far as that is easy and doable) until I’m in a place of well-being. I can work for any cause I wish to from that viewpoint.

So, recently, the aforementioned friend gave me this comment: “You look great! Really grounded and strong! Way to go!” OK, so far, so good? While we all like to receive compliments, and I think it’s much more uplifting to say pleasant things than unpleasant ones to people, I still remembered that “what she thought of me was none of my business.” I really was able to just let that comment wash over me, without attachment.

“Good to see you too!”, I said.

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I’m better – What a coincidence!

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A lot of times, while practicing my favorite energy therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, a major issue will be resolved. I will see a new way of looking at things, or something that has bothered me for a long time suddenly just…doesn’t.

I’ll tell someone that I found the perfect idea for my next blog post, or that muscle pain I’d had for days is gone. And all this happened soon after I’d spent some time tapping on my meridian points while keeping my attention on the frustration, or block, that had kept me from seeing the way out of my difficulty.

What a coincidence! Yes indeed. Those of us who practice this technique with clients note that the changes can be subtle. We don’t always get brilliant high-impact revelations. We’ll just tend to notice, over a little bit of time, that something that really used to bug them doesn’t anymore, or even more subtly, they don’t remember what had “bugged them” to begin with! It’s easier for me to see this phenomenon in a client’s life that in my own.

When I do this work on myself, I may not notice the changes until I find myself exclaiming: “What a coincidence!” This makes me laugh, and notice, and appreciate.

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Music Heals – but was it sick to start with?

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Sound or Music Healing is one of the fastest growing Arts therapies. Among the many books I own about the deliberate and conscious use of sound are about a dozen which use either the words “sound” or “music” in the title along with the words “healing” or “health”. I support the concept of feeling better, using sound therapy as an aid. I’m a member of the Sound Healing Network, and I have a diploma in Music Therapy. I love working with sound, and have seen it help in expanding consciousness and well-being.

I just feel like quibbling with semantics, here (a popular pastime of mine). For something or someone to be “healed” it is necessary to imply there was something “wrong” with them to start. This is just not, in my view, the case. I am not a medical practitioner, so I cannot speak with legal authority on these matters, but I have come to believe, after studying Energy therapies, and Sound and Vibrational treatment methods, that disease, or for that matter, any other unwanted condition, is a result of imbalances in our energy systems. We may be experiencing these imbalances for any number of reasons–some of which may actually be helpful to our personal growth or physical survival. When we come to a place where we’re ready for balance, we often seek assistance. We generally seek a cure or a therapy.

But, what if we took another approach? What if we regarded the manifestation (‘disease’ or ‘injury’) as “that which is no longer wanted or needed”? I know it seems obvious that a painful or unpleasant condition is not wanted or needed, but, in looking at the energy system, it appears the symptom was once a way to protect the system, just as an oyster makes a pearl out of an irritating grain of sand.

We can allow our “pearls” to be released for better use elsewhere. Our “energy pearls” are compacted, hard lumps of stuck energy which are ready to be released. How do we know this? Because they are in our awareness. Please see postings under topic “EFT” for more.

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Emotional Freedom

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There are a lot of therapies–physical and psychological–out there for us consumers. The newest Energy therapies are among the quickest and most effective, in my opinion. The theory is that the experience of being in a body gives us a lot of reactions to things. On top of that, the people who interact with us (parents, teachers, friends and family) are not always as kind to us as we would hope. These experiences and interactions are stored in our physical body, in its energy system. There is a lot of electrical energy surging through our bodies at any given time. When conditions which don’t further our well-being are experienced, some part of the electrical system “codes” them into us. Energy Therapies like Emotional Freedom Techniques address the system to get the energy flowing again and release the blocks which hold us back. At first I thought this was yet another fad, and it may be. The field is evolving quickly, and what is trendy today in this area may be passe tomorrow. However, in my experience, so far, these techniques address major and minor physical and emotional issues faster, and with more lasting results than anything else.

For those of us wishing to remain positive and recognize the good in our lives, EFT can get the “stuff” out of the way easily and quickly so we can maintain a good-feeling place. If this is of interest, here are a couple of links. The first is to the main EFT website, maintained by the founder and my teacher, Gary Craig. There are literally hundreds of case studies and free background literature there. The second is to the website of a fabulous EFT Master who combines EFT with the “Law of Attraction”–and they are very compatible indeed: Carol Look

I’ve seen these therapies work wonders in my own life, and in those of my clients. I’ll be telling my favorite EFT stories in future posts.

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