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I had gone.
I’d Been before,
one foot out
the door;
the other laden
with burdens
and guilt,
memories, and love.

I had gone.
When you said
we’d better
join our souls
but mine
was not mine
to give.

So much
left to do you
said over cornflakes
Just ten minutes
hour one
year one
lifetime Just
’til it’s right.

Look. tonight.
A total eclipse
of the sun.
We can share that.
We can share that.
The natural underpinning
of society’s angst.

Sun had gone.
You and I
wait that starstruck
Always before,
had reappeared.

You were talking
to me
for twenty minutes
you realized
I had gone.


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One Response to “GONE”

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Awesome. The eclipse wasn’t available in New England (the news said best viewing was ‘ out west’. I also missed the big huge spring moon (I cant’ remember what it was called!) because we had fog. 🙂

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