Crystals, Fathers, and Sundogs

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   I finally got ’round to seeing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  I decided to report on it a bit on Father’s Day, as there are several father figures in the film.  Those aspects of the movie are done well, I think.  I like how the threads come together in the end.  Most reviews and blog posts about IJATKOTCS (and there have been a lot; apparently there’re quite a few fans) have described the adventure and story aspects, and thrown in a few character evaluations.  These are most useful if you are trying to decide whether or not to go see the movie.  I won’t be able to help you with that decision here.

Instead, I’d like to just touch on the metaphysics of the film, because, in listening to interviews with various “crystal skull enthusiasts”, apparently Mr. Spielberg did his research, and portrayed the phenomena of crystal skulls themselves properly.  Several mentions are made in IJATKOTCS of the “Mitchell-Hedges” crystal skull.  This is an actual object, usually housed in the British Museum, but often off on tour so that we the public can experience it.  I recently had the opportunity to attend a workshop learning how to meditate with the skull, and then have some “alone time” with the skull to facilitate my spiritual awakening in these times.  Please know that I am open to all possibilities regarding metaphysical claims, but I just don’t feel connceted to the skull mythology.  This workshop did not attract me, so I didn’t avail myself of the opportunity.  Besides, it cost $100 for 20 minutes—not that the amount would be a factor if I strongly believed I’d benefit.  I’ve certainly done more outlandish things than this. 😉

There are those who claim these skulls are very ancient, and were either created using “alien” technology (as perhaps the pyramids were) or that the crystal itself holds patterns of thought imbued upon them by ancient cultures which can benefit us today.  What interests ME in all this is how the film used the skull mythology along with the “Roswell Alien” stories combined into one story line.  Whether or not one believes in “aliens” or “skull power”, the details surrounding these cultural myths were incorporated into the movie seemlessly.

I have not seen any writings which portray what happens at the end of the film with the skulls, but the film does build its end-story from metaphysical propositions which have been around for years and years.  And, there really exist some skulls carved or formed from large pieces of quartz crystal; of that there is no doubt.  Why they were carved (who would do this?), when they were carved (ancient or modern?), and whether they have any useful properties other than as artifacts is still very much in question.  I’m hoping to chat with someone from my area who did go ahead and spend the $100 for a private audience with the Mitchell-Hedges skull, to discern if they experienced anything remarkable or unusual.  If I find such a person, I’ll let you know.

I had an interesting Father’s Day.  I met with a group which included several fathers, and wished them well.  When I left the meeting, people started pointing straight up into the air.  I looked, and saw something I’d never seen before.  The sun was high in the sky, and there were a few wispy clouds.  Around the sun, at some distance from it was a ring, almost like a corona, except it was multi-colored like a rainbow!  It was a perfectly round ring, and stayed up there for several hours.  Some time ago I’d posted about something beautiful and remarkable called a “Fire Rainbow“, but that was just a picture I saw in passing, I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.  This thing I saw was not like the fire rainbow, inthat it was a ring.  The closest thing I found online about this was something called a “Sun Dog”  This picture is not very clear (it must be hard to shoot looking directly at the sun) but it is like what I saw.  It was just 10 times more beautiful in “person”.  Happy Father’s Day to all you Sun Dogs who live in countries which celebrate it in June!


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13 Responses to “Crystals, Fathers, and Sundogs”

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This is a very different post on the film and therefore you get my award for most interesting I have read! A lot of the criticism I have heard or read is about the supernatural elements but they were so true to the original films I felt…they always delved into the supernatural/occult and this is no exception….earlier it was the Nazi obsession and in this the USSR and we all know about their experiments with psychic energy etc for weapons use.

Interesting you saw the sundog in the daytime,….. you said high in the sky, wiki had it as more often at sunrise or sunset I think, better check back ….read it quite fast!

So you had the opportunity to meditate…I wonder if Spielberg and Lucas were given a special audience? Glad you had a good Father’s Day, it is the first I heard of it being yesterday and I read a lot of American blogs…wonder what that means? Most are written by women who are Mothers. Granted a lot do not post daily and maybe are exhausted from doing everything the father normally does on Sundays!

happy fathers day all 😛

The Sun Dog phenomena sounds cool! Nature always has a surprise for us when we pay attn, huh?

why is it called a sun dog??? i guess it’s just as random as why a hot dog is called a hot dog, huh?

(but indeed, it sounds amazing, what you saw. i’d love to see that and the fire rainbow and the aurora borealis.)

That photo is amazing. Someone told me that when you see a rainbow encircling the sun it’s unlucky, but what do they know? I certainly don’t believe that.

I’m going to see the new Indiana Jones on Thursday with some friends, and I’m really looking forward to it. I assumed the film makers just chose the crystal skull idea to be exotic, so it’s good to know that they did their homework!

Gosh, thanks Magik! Wow, an award for being interesting! You made my day. 😉 I know, there were always supernatural or paranormal or metaphysical elements in the “Indie” stories. I think the majority of film-goers enjoy them mostly for the adventure elements, which is just fine, of course. I tend to look at all of life—including even very straightforward movies—through a metaphysical lense. We all have our interests. 🙂 Good point you made about the time of day for my Sundog sighting! I read that too, that most are seen at dawn or dusk. Mine was at high noon, and stayed visible for several hours. I checked on it often, and it only started fading about 3pm! Hmmm…As for Father’s Day, here in the states it comes only one month after Mother’s Day, which gets a lot more attention. Father’s Day is somewhat anticlimatic, and it’s really not fair. Dads don’t get the same level of acknowledgement. 😦

Thanks, kaylee, and I’m sure the Dads out there appreciate your salutations!

CuriousC, you are so right. I’d thought I’d seen all kinds of weather phenomena until this very different thing showed up. 🙂

That’s an excellent question, sulz, and I was wondering the same thing myself. I have not been able to find out yet, but can only guess it’s tied up with some cultural mythology somewhere. It was very beautiful indeed. I’d love to see the aurora borealis, too. How awesome would that be?

Well, it certainly didn’t FEEL unlucky, B0bby, more like a blessing! It didn’t seem at all menacing, just very beautiful. I think you’ll enjoy the film. I found it rollicking and thoughtful at the same time. 😉

My religious beliefs are with the man upstairs – but if anyone thinks I am going to deliberately piss Mother nature off is well mistaken!

I have apologised on a number of occasions to both Him and Her! 😉

Both of them deserve respect, Will! One wonders what you’ve apologized for… 🙂

That’s for the memoirs, Muse? 🙂 😉

Aha! Well, keep me posted (as it were) Will, and when we’re both old coots, I shall read your memoirs! 😀

[…] thinking of doing a post about that; I know a lot of other people have already done posts on that subject, but I saw it from the perspective of someone who knows very little about the Indiana Jones series […]

Thanks for the linkback, B0bby! I would be interested to read your analysis of Indie. 🙂

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