If you KNEW you could have it?

Posted on October 1, 2007. Filed under: Philosophy, Spirituality |

I may be starting to “get” how reality works. I think we spend our human experience learning about this. Appropriately, for Monday, I’m including a link to a short video from Monday9am. The person interviewed here, Michael Neill, asks a provocative question: “What ‘want’ would disappear if you knew you could have it?” The quickie, obvious reaction to this is, “Of course I KNOW I can have ANYTHING I can imagine. After all, I’ve read books that say this!”

And I do believe that, really I do. It’s a different matter, though, to embrace the reality of those wants–to truly embody them. Often, I get involved in a discussion with myself about whether it’s “OK” to want “things” rather than qualities. I try to talk myself into finding the underlying desires behind my wantings. The video puts this into perspective for me. It goes along with a philosophy I’m just beginning to understand–that the only barrier to having Anything I can imagine, is that while I can imagine “It”, I just can’t sufficiently imagine [“Me” with “It”]. If I can fully step into the knowledge that I really, really can have the current “It” of my focus–do I still want it? Whether I do, or not, is absolutely OK, and even more, it’s a great thing to find out!

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6 Responses to “If you KNEW you could have it?”

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That was a good one!! Thanks

I’m glad you liked it. It made a big impact on me 🙂

That is EXACTLY what I experienced this weekend. I bought a lotto ticket, and I said “Can you imagine?” implying that it would never happen. I’m blocking my own believe by saying something like that. Powerful stuff if we can truly let go.

I’d be thrilled for you if you won the lotto, stm 😀 Glad you could relate.

Sometimes it’s difficult to get out of our own way, is it not?

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